Traducción de asignar en Inglés


to assign, v.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (dar, adjudicar)
    (tarea/función/renta) to assign
    (valor) to ascribe
    (parcela/fondos) to allocate
    le asignaron el papel de mediador he was assigned the role of mediator
    • me asignaron la vacante I was appointed to the post
    • le asignaron una beca he was awarded a grant
    • dos hechos a los que se asigna especial importancia two facts to which special importance is attached / ascribed
    • le asignaron una parcela colindante con el río he was allocated a plot adjacent to the river
  • 2

    (persona) to assign
    asignar a algn a algo to assign sb to sth
    • lo asignaron al departamento de compras he was assigned to the purchasing department