Traducción de desquitarse en Inglés


to get even, v.

verbo pronominal

  • 1

    to get even
    to get one's own back Britanico
    esta vez me has ganado, pero ya me desquitaré you've beaten me this time, but I'll get even with you / I'll get my own back
    • desquitarse con algn to take sth out on sb
    • tiene problemas en casa y se desquita con los empleados he has problems at home and he takes it out on his staff
    • desquitarse de algo
    • lo hizo para desquitarse de lo que la había hecho sufrir she did it to get even with him / to get her own back (on him) for the way he'd made her suffer
    • los domingos no hace absolutamente nada para desquitarse del trabajo de la semana on Sundays she makes up for all the hard work she does during the week by doing nothing at all