Traducción de disgusto en Inglés


nombre masculino

  • 1

    (sufrimiento, pesar)
    le causó un gran disgusto she was very upset
    • tiene un disgusto tremendo he's very upset
    • estos hijos me van a matar a disgustos these children will be the death of me
    • expresó su disgusto y preocupación por lo sucedido she expressed her sadness / sorrow and concern at what had happened
    • con tantos disgustos se va a enfermar de los nervios she's going to end up a nervous wreck with all these things that have happened to her
    • para mi disgusto much to my displeasure
    • lo hizo a disgusto she did it reluctantly / unwillingly
    • si te vas a quedar a disgusto es mejor que te vayas if you really don't want to be here / if you're staying against your will, you might as well go
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    • 2.1(discusión)


    • 2.2(incidente desagradable)

      si sigues conduciendo así vas a tener un disgusto if you keep on driving like that you're going to have an accident