Traducción de abominably en Español:


de una manera abominable, adv.

Pronunciación /əˈbɒmnəbli//əˈbɑm(ə)nəbli/


  • 1

    (behave) de una manera abominable
    (behave) de una manera detestable
    (perform/write) pésimamente
    (dressed/cooked) espantosamente mal
    • He said: ‘It was a very regrettable and something for which he wishes to apologise to the court and to the security staff who were treated abominably by him.’
    • I reserve the right to behave abominably on occasion.
    • Many people might find this magistrate's sentence abominably scandalous.
    • I suppose we have both been abominably rude to each other by eavesdropping.
    • This abominably weak link renders all passport security checks laughable.
    • The place is excessively filthy, and abominably dirty.
    • Germany have played abominably, and Ribbeck seems to change his mind for every game.
    • Ambrose, thought I to myself, my devout Ambrose is either at church, or abominably lazy this morning.
    • The press has behaved so abominably towards Michael.
    • My profoundest apologies for not updating for such an abominably long time.
    • She had been abominably uncivil to him, and she would not be surprised if he took umbrage.
    • As long as it's in abominably bad taste, go for it!
    • Well, it was quiet when Liv was writing or reading, otherwise it was abominably noisy.
    • The roof had not been freshly thatched for years and the whole thing leaked abominably.
    • She said: ‘We have a rail station at Malton that fails abominably.’
    • She is unpolished, unsophisticated, and abominably rude.
    • Usually it has to do with our abominably bad way of simply not finding a place for people to attach socially.
    • His arm ached abominably where Lee had stabbed it.
    • All these are microeconomic areas over which the government still has direct control - and has failed abominably.
    • "I must beg your pardon most sincerely for the abominably rude manner of my leaving Somerset," she said.
    • Both were outsiders, both were fundamentally insecure, and both could be abominably rude - especially to one other.
    • Across the board, scientific knowledge in America is at an abominably low level.
    • The shuttles were abominably slow, taxis couldn't be found anywhere.
    • He always woke up abominably early and never failed to take a shower before going back to bed.