Traducción de abortionist en Español:


abortista, n.

Pronunciación /əˈbɔrʃənəst//əˈbɔːʃ(ə)nɪst/


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    abortista masculino
    • With no access to legal, safe abortion, they resort to the army of backstreet abortionists.
    • The drama, which focuses on a backstreet abortionist, was crowned British film of the year, while its star, Imelda Staunton, took the best actress accolade.
    • A woman might well conceal her condition for four or five months and procure an abortion, at the actual climax of which the abortionist might be prudently absent.
    • It is this lack of knowledge that makes pregnant young girls turn to illegal abortionists.
    • It just haunted me that people could get to a place where bombing clinics or shooting abortionists is seen as anything other than an atrocity.
    • Australian women, particularly working-class women - unable to pay the high fees that qualified doctors charged for illegal abortions - faced terrible risks at the hands of backyard abortionists, police and official authorities.
    • A 1923 French law increased penalties for abortion to imprisonment for abortionists and their clients.
    • Throughout the period, many women continued to procure abortions despite the risks, and juries often refused to convict abortionists, indicating continued public acceptance of the practice.
    • I can tell you what will happen - these young girls will ultimately either go nowhere and end up pregnant, and end up in some backyard abortionist having an abortion carried out in un-sterile conditions.
    • All three are abortionists who specialize in late abortions.
    • In an interview, a doctor in Medellin, Colombia, said that while he offered safe, if secret, abortions, many abortionists did not.
    • In 1803 the law changed and abortion became a criminal offence from the time of conception with penalties of up to life imprisonment for both the pregnant woman and the abortionist.