Traducción de abstain en Español:


abstenerse, v.

Pronunciación /əbˈsteɪn//əbˈsteɪn/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (in vote)
    • Meanwhile, Petway abstained from voting on the proposed incentives, declaring a conflict of interest.
    • But Labour and Conservatives abstained from voting on the idea because it was presented to them just ten minutes before the meeting started and they wanted the issue deferred to allow them time to consider it.
    • Ms Campbell was a key campaigner against top-up fees, but was heavily criticised by students after abstaining in the final vote in the Commons.
    • Former teacher Jeff Ennis, MP for Barnsley East and Mexborough, surprised some by signalling his determination to rebel either by a positive vote against or by abstaining.
    • The US administration may also have abstained to avoid embarrassing its close ally Britain, which is a signatory to the ICC.
    • Perhaps the real problem that the election outcome raised is that a significant number of voters expressed their discontent and mistrust in the theocracy by abstaining from casting their ballots.
    • Germany and Romania abstained from the vote, and so did the UK - even after its Foreign Secretary Jack Straw earlier in the week, condemned the killing.
    • And yet the United States abstained in this vote.
    • In Monday's votes, Labor legislators abstained, allowing the motions to be defeated.
    • France, Germany and Mexico abstained in the vote because they objected to a clause in the resolution which exempts participating US troops from scrutiny by the International Criminal Court.
    • One in seven Labour MPs defied the whip by voting against or abstaining.
    • Oxfam issued a press release with the results, stating that 2486 people voted against the mine, 35 voted in favor. 32 abstained and one blank vote was cast.
    • When members of the House were called to vote on the privatisation, the Liberal Member for Hume, Alby Schultz, abstained and refused to show, making sure the world knew why.
    • One has to wonder if the workers, many of whom had given their all to the construction of the temple, were taken back by the news of the proposed sale and perhaps abstained from voting.
    • France first holds up the vote and then abstains, as do Russia, China, and Malaysia.
    • Given little notice, the council still voted on the issue, resulting in a vote of eight people in favour of overturning the disclaimer; no one disagreed with the motion and three abstained from voting.
    • Also, a member state could abstain in a vote and make a formal declaration that it would not be bound by the vote.
    • Cllr Moloney either abstained or voted against the zoning proposals in each of the areas.
    • Pius IX had already refused to recognize the legitimacy of the Kingdom of Italy; and Catholics had been formally enjoined to abstain from voting in national elections.
    • Nobody is going to veto, but enough nations look to be abstaining that the vote will fail.
  • 2

    to abstain from sth/-ing abstenerse de algo/+ inf
    • they abstain from meat on Fridays hacen abstinencia los viernes
    • The prime minister has also urged his citizens to abstain from drinking alcohol on election day to avoid violence and maintain the dignity of the event.
    • The alcoholic abstains from drinking; the compulsive gamble stops betting; the addict stops using.
    • Whatever treatment alcoholics received in Project MATCH, few abstained for even a year.
    • The fully recovered individuals show symptoms of neither alcohol dependence nor alcohol abuse and either abstain or drink at levels below those known to increase relapse risk.
    • A Danish study published last fall found that people who drank wine weekly or monthly were less likely to develop dementia than people who drank other alcoholic beverages or abstained.
    • It goes without saying that drivers should abstain or strictly control the amount they drink.
    • Individuals who drink about those amounts live longer than those who abstain (one unit is equal to half a pint of beer, a glass of wine or a pub measure of spirit).
    • All except two of the witnesses had abstained from drinking alcohol on the night of the attack, compared to the defendants, who it was clear had all ‘drunk far too much’.
    • However, adolescents who held more favorable attitudes toward drinking were relatively unaffected by the program and did not abstain or moderate their alcohol consumption.
    • People who drank white wine in moderation had better lung function than people who abstained or drank other alcoholic beverages, according to a study in Pulmonary Medicine last year.
    • Campbell was required to abstain from drinking alcohol and have no contact with three individuals.
    • Darren and Tom drank 4 bottles of wine while I abstained and painted the ceiling in the hall.
    • Pregnant women have been urged to abstain from alcohol by scientists who claim that even small amounts can damage the development of a baby's brain.
    • Safe levels of alcohol consumption during pregnancy are not known; therefore, pregnant women are advised to abstain from drinking alcohol.
    • Neither Tim nor I had ever sipped alcohol, and we had successfully lobbied Eric to abstain for the night.
    • Almost 49 percent of U.S. adults abstain from alcohol use or drink fewer than 12 drinks per year.
    • Maybe I was happy since I was drunk again after abstaining for a week.
    • It is important to persuade the patient to abstain completely from alcohol.
    • Overall mortality rates among wine drinkers are lower than for those who drink beer or alcohol, or for those who abstain, according to previous research.
    • Young people, pregnant women and those who might worsen an already existing physical problem by drinking any alcohol are told to abstain.