Traducción de abstract en Español:


abstracto, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈæbˌstrækt//ˈabstrakt//æbˈstrækt/


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    (argument/theorizing/idea) abstracto
    in the abstract en teoría
    • Once we get a hint we are capable of making the original more abstract and less concrete, of extending a concrete and singular concept into more abstract spheres.
    • My political culture is empirical rather than abstract.
    • The reason for believing that it is a largely abstract and theoretical issue is that the Court of Appeal judgments implied strongly that that was so.
    • Those were theoretical or abstract possibilities not applying to this case.
    • But equally, he claimed that he was capable of dissociating himself from his physical disorders only through abstract thought.
    • Courts are not supposed to decide questions which are merely moot, theoretical, abstract or hypothetical.
    • I can understand why she has that impression; many gay-marriage advocates have talked about gay marriage in these rather loose and abstract terms.
    • For a longer piece of work, you would have the luxury to break down the symbols further and make those symbols interact in a more abstract manner, which will boost the power of the sigil.
    • We respond to dangers that our ancestors equipped us to understand, like fire and fangs and claws, more readily than we respond to threats based on abstract reasoning.
    • It is grotesquely, disastrously wrong about the Labour Party, and it imposes an abstract answer on a concrete situation.
    • There, I can discuss things from my past in an abstract manner, without directly pointing fingers.
    • Second, this shaky notion was based on a highly abstract and contentious branch of physics known as string theory.
    • So a culture based on abstract reasoning, or on various metaphysical precepts, may itself be simply a product of evolutionary change.
    • They mean something more abstract - a philosophical schema for governing, which often amounts to a slogan to describe one's ideology.
    • Modem science, no matter how theoretical, speculative and abstract, strives finally for empirical evidence to test and confirm its truth claims.
    • But these laws and theorems are not just abstract mathematics.
    • Not some theoretical, abstract cost, but a real cost.
    • While the research work is highly abstract and theoretical, it has practical applications in computer science, Goins notes.
    • It came through concrete example and abstract argument.
    • The question of Being, far from being too abstract or theoretical an issue, will prove to be important for understanding exile.
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    (painting/sculpture) abstracto
    • Both legs and abstract shapes contribute to an almost painterly overall compositional effect.
    • His later style of the 1940s is more abstract and colour becomes the most important factor.
    • Boxer is perhaps best known for richly textured abstract canvases, championed by critic Clement Greenberg.
    • Their plainly representational knotty, bark-covered surface contrasts with the immaterial, abstract shapes of the molding.
    • In the '50s, he made heavily textured abstract paintings using crumpled mulberry paper and globs of oil paint.
    • Her use of abstract effects in the service of representation is striking and makes her art complex.
    • They resemble cone-like wall sconces, and the colorful abstract shapes covering their surfaces appear to glow like stained glass windows.
    • These two shows, a few months apart, displayed the tactile and abstract effects she wrings from such small-scale marks.
    • Several artists claimed to be the first to paint an abstract picture, rather as early photographers had wrangled over who had invented the camera.
    • She is represented by two unprepossessing abstract heads rendered in polychrome clay.
    • The layers of abstract colour in her current work recalls another German painter, Gerhard Richter.
    • The landscape background of Elizabeth's portrait in particular is remarkably abstract, using strong colour and thick impasto.
    • For these abstract artists, the external world is mediated by internal feelings.
    • Goodwin now works in both representational and abstract modes.
    • The lower half of the artwork consists of dark splotches and torn-paper abstract effects.
    • Rothko stresses that the contrast between abstract and representational painting is overdrawn, that all art has subject matter.
    • I remember how Robert Motherwell didn't like the term abstract expressionism and preferred abstract automatism.
    • It's a beautiful work of abstract colour and texture, of contrasting dark and light.
    • Her work is abstract, using geometrical shapes subtly arranged and typically painted in soft colours.
    • This sort of abstract illusionism brings to mind certain early canvases by Bridget Riley.


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    resumen masculino
    compendio masculino
    extracto masculino
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    cuadro abstracto masculino

verbo transitivo

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    (idea) abstraer
  • 2

    (draw off)
    (substance) extraer
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    (book) condensar
    (book) compendiar