Traducción de absurd en Español:


absurdo, adj.

Pronunciación /əbˈsərd//əbˈzərd//əbˈsəːd/


  • 1

    the theater of the absurd el teatro del absurdo
    • don't be absurd! ¡no seas ridículo!
    • It would be absurd to blame Vodafone for terrorists chatting across their network.
    • These notions, as absurd and preposterous as they might seem to us, were taken as gospel truth by millions of pious Christians.
    • The level of outrage is absurd: it's front page news and questions have been asked in Parliament.
    • When that happens heads are going to roll even if it happens in such a way so that placing blame is absurd.
    • It is absurd to blame current difficulties on any state's governor, Republican or Democrat.
    • It is absurd to blame schools with high standards for other schools having low standards.
    • It would be absurd to blame Aristotle for his conceptual poverty: poverty is a lack, not a failing.
    • This was the sort of absurd nonsense that I had painstakingly ignored all the years of my life, and it had finally come back to haunt me.
    • To make excuses for such blatant stupidity is even more absurd.
    • ‘It's an absurd nonsense that Parliament should not sit for two and a half months,’ he says.
    • What made him think of such an outrageously absurd idea I can't say for sure.
    • That is the sort of absurd nonsense that has been driving the other side of the debate.
    • Prime Minister John Howard says the comments are absurd and monstrous.
    • It's like one of the rules of cross-examination - leave irrational and absurd answers where they lie.
    • In my view, his evidence is patently absurd, unreasonable, and not remotely believable.
    • It was absurd, insane, and downright dangerous, but it was an idea.
    • But the principle is absurd and irrational as far as the international community is concerned.
    • Its also absurd to try to blame this on gun-ownership.
    • By the end of the programme, it was athletes and fans who hung themselves in public with their own illogical justifications and absurd piety.
    • However, it is absurd to place primary blame on the players for this situation.