Traducción de academic en Español:


académico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌækəˈdɛmɪk//akəˈdɛmɪk/


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    • 1.1(in higher education)

      (record/research/scientist/career) académico
      academic dress toga femenino
      • Some seek extra practicum experiences outside their academic departments prior to internship in an effort to compensate for the lack of breadth in their training.
      • The question that then emerged was, ‘How does one groove to a daggy disco mix in formal wear and long academic gown?’
      • And in this scrutiny and disapproval my issues with class and otherness have resurfaced, again in relation to an academic environment.
      • Pressures within the academic environment itself may subtly push professors toward viewing their students as would-be clones of themselves.
      • The word communication is debated in today's academic environments.
      • In the academic environment, student retention and retention of alumni loyalty are important strategic goals.
      • The sex workers who come for training have to learn what research is about, what the budgets involve, how to negotiate within an unfamiliar academic environment.
      • It was an important milestone in my own disillusionment with what often passed for ‘liberalism’ in some academic environments.
      • This gives a total of around 113 identifiable anthropologists working in Australian academic environments.
      • This type of intervention does work in helping students meet short-term academic goals in the educational setting.
      • The future of strategic studies in terms of academic organization will be tested in a number of respects.
      • Moving away from the academic environment was a shrewd move for Stoneham, who has trebled the amount of business she used to do at Oxford University.
      • The faculty and other staff and students at both International and at Sofia University welcomed him and helped him to settle into the new academic environment.
      • Perhaps, too, the academic environment is just too rarefied, too unrelated to a recognisable outside world, to be satirically relevant.
      • When it came to the academic environment, I was a natural.
      • ‘In the majority of cases, the moderators tend to come from the academic environment or the wealthier churches,’ he said.
      • Educational leave refers to the practice of a company allowing its employees to suspend their work to study in an academic institution with the intention of earning a degree.
      • For this to happen it takes longer than a few weeks of holidaying or even a few years spent studying at an academic institution.
      • It might be asked why parapsychology is studied in some academic institutions.
      • It also has a job bank and links to the growing number of academic institutions with educational tracks that support the meeting profession.
      • In an academic environment, for example, there may be less need for an easy-to-learn system because it's the user's job to learn.
      • I did do some of this stuff when I was in school; I didn't read all of it outside the academic environment.
      • Accounting historians as a whole have yet to appreciate the important contextual differences now seen in the U.S. academic environment.
      • When I went back and read what is being proposed, some of the language suggests that the plan is to fund early drug discovery and development in an academic environment.
      • The author reviews the problems that have plagued history in the academic environment to dispel the popular belief that history is the same thing as the past.
      • He always sought an academic environment and therefore moved from Llanelli to Cardiff, the site of his final appointment and where he lived out his retirement.

    • 1.2(scholarly)

      (institution/discipline) académico
      (publication) para eruditos
      (publication) para académicos
      (child) intelectualmente capaz
      they adopted an academic approach to the problem adoptaron un enfoque muy intelectual
      • Unlike most current academic thinkers, they believe the market is neither unpredictable nor random, that patterns lie buried in the mass of data that daily gushes forth.
      • The academic reader will find the book a scholarly and intellectual tour de force.
      • Lots of children are not academic but would make first-rate plumbers or electricians.
      • Unlike the vast majority of academic thinkers, Zizek is not worried about being ‘careless.’
      • P.S. This is an interesting read, but irritating when the academic writer makes patronising attempts to cater to an ‘ordinary’ audience.
      • It is interesting to see how academic writers ‘anonymously’ describe themselves and their works.
      • I lived apart from the happy, academic families.
      • My academic parents gave me ‘The Times’ to read at 4.
      • He was quite academic, was a great help at home and nothing was ever too much trouble for him.
      • This is what passes for humor in an academic family.
      • Because Sue wasn't academic, I did begin to worry about her, but once she went to Eastbourne College to study domestic science, her life changed completely.
      • Thurschwell writes with an academic audience in mind, but this book can be enjoyed by any serious reader interested in the cultural history of the late nineteenth century.
      • Perhaps it's difficult being academic in a non-academic environment.
      • At the moment, we attract a very intellectual, academic audience and we want to make it a cultural centre which will welcome family groups.
      • Most of my academic friends engage in similar pursuits.
      • In fact, if Kaplan wants, I can be his academic groupie.
      • The dauntingly solid volumes also offer the reader an anthology of short extracts, specific illustrations of usage and enough etymological information to satisfy the more academic reader.
      • You may not have all the book smarts that some people do, and I was certainly never an academic person.
      • Probably won't go down well with my academic friends, but I felt I really wanted to be out doing things more in the real world than actually doing research.
      • But my stuffy academic friends each have their own store of knowledge.

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    (question/debate) puramente teórico
    it is a matter of purely academic interest es una cuestión de interés puramente intelectual
    • that's academic now eso ya no tiene ninguna trascendencia
    • The question is of more than academic interest for players, officials and the WRU itself.
    • Parliament chiefs insist the figure is purely academic and was calculated because of the need to estimate a replacement value for all government buildings.
    • A loss against India will mean the champions are out of the championship and their final league match against Bangladesh will be only of academic interest.
    • The US debate over offshoring of high skilled jobs is of more than academic interest to New Zealand.
    • That solution is of more than academic interest.
    • This is something that is of more academic than practical interest.
    • This is not of mere academic interest to the Swiss.
    • All this is of more than academic interest to the City.
    • ‘I think my interest in hurricanes was academic until Andrew,’ Landsea said.
    • To pursue this line of reasoning in this case is really only of academic interest and of no practical import.
    • This discussion is not of purely academic interest, because it has arisen in a practical way in a number of different contexts in recent years.
    • The outcome of a game where there is no personal investment is usually of academic interest.
    • I mean, I've got a few labs and some plans, but it's purely an academic interest for me.
    • I realise this is of purely academic interest to readers.
    • The final game against Castlebar Mitchells was of academic interest only as Ballyhaunis could not make the play-offs.
    • The fact that he cannot speak or hear is just a matter of academic interest.
    • I used to have what I thought of as a purely academic interest in Nazi propaganda.
    • That finding may be of more than academic interest.
    • These are questions of more than academic interest.
    • Polygamy may seem an exotic topic, but it is not just of historical or academic interest.


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    académico masculino
    académica femenino
    (teaching) profesor de universidad masculino
    (teaching) profesora de universidad femenino
    • Many of the appointees have been academics rather than professional lawyers.
    • Of greater significance was the conservative outlook of the University's academics.
    • Educational visits are high on the list but contrary to belief the office is not just for scholars and academics.
    • The Liberal Democrats have been targeting students and academics on campus.
    • Everyone can benefit from the most respected academics and the best tutors.
    • Along with most academics he had strong views on how research should be managed.
    • It will also include a series of lectures from internationally-renowned academics.
    • The book will be most suitable for research students, postdocs and academics.
    • Only in very special cases do academics receive honorary doctorates from their own universities.
    • The survey was carried out at Glasgow Royal Infirmary by Glasgow University academics.
    • The last two books on offer are both compendiums of articles by different academics.
    • Up to four different lectures were held each day by academics such as Professor Anthony Grayling.
    • I've seen black professors asked about their experience as academics in a white profession.
    • Inside Out showed anonymous copies of some of the student essays to academics.
    • An insightful and intelligent collection of resources for academics and students.
    • He is equally a loss to fellow academics and to the various committees on which he served.
    • However, some academics pour cold water on the notion of a machine-created universe.
    • There had been no angry questions from the academics among his audience.
    • However, it is doubtful that such a move would be well-received by students and academics.
    • It became a bestseller on the shelves of students, academics and workers throughout the land.