Traducción de accommodation address en Español:

accommodation address

domicilio postal, n.



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    domicilio postal masculino
    • York Council trading standards manager, Elizabeth Levett, said: ‘It appears that the gang working in the area in the last few days has, until the end of May, been using an accommodation address in Newcastle.’
    • The person inside eventually told the agent Miller used the house as an accommodation address and was probably staying at a fellow solicitor's Spanish home.
    • ‘Whoever it was had changed our registered office to an accommodation address in Rochdale and then ordered tens of thousands of pounds worth of microchips,’ he said.
    • The perpetrator has not yet been identified and the address on the documentation sent out ‘promoting’ the scheme is an accommodation address.
    • Usually by the time they catch up with them, the PO Box or accommodation address is closed without a forwarding address.
    • The banking business there consists of branches of foreign banks which act largely as accommodation addresses for the transfer of funds.
    • These letters were to be prepared in ‘secret writing ‘, instructions for which were contained in the deaddrop, and were to be sent to various accommodation addresses (apparently innocuous addresses actually controlled by the CIA).’
    • I found it very hard to believe anything Mr Rothschild told me, quite apart from being unable or unwilling to commit himself to anything other than an accommodation address as it seems did his witness.
    • The companies were said to operate from accommodation addresses, so the appellants could themselves respond to any enquiries that might be made.