Traducción de accomplished en Español:


consumado, adj.

Pronunciación /əˈkɒmplɪʃt//əˈkʌmplɪʃt//əˈkɑmplɪʃt/


  • 1

    (performer) consumado
    (performance) logrado
    (thief/liar) consumado
    (liar/thief) hábil
    (musician) de mucho talento
    he is a very accomplished speaker es muy buen orador
    • an accomplished young lady una joven de formación muy completa
    • What a waste of talent - such accomplished actors could bring so much more than these one-dimensional roles.
    • Gillen is a capable and accomplished coach, but he has struggled to recruit at Virginia.
    • He was an accomplished pianist and chess player, winning the Heart of America Competition in 1955.
    • Outside medicine he was an accomplished pianist and loved his garden and the nearby Lake District.
    • Dave, who portrays the role of John, is a seasoned and accomplished theatrical performer.
    • It is a polished film by an accomplished director, able to hold its own on the international stage.
    • As for the band, it would be hard to find praise enough for these seasoned and accomplished musicians.
    • An accomplished pianist, Edward Said wrote some of the most surprising and sharp essays on music.
    • Hugh is one of this country's finest song-writing talents and accomplished live performers.
    • The 12 th marquis was an accomplished jazz pianist and his elder son likes to chill out with his guitar.
    • Harry is better known for his talents as an accomplished flute player.
    • An accomplished musician, she was a fine horsewoman and took a very keen interest in agricultural matters.
    • Then this more theoretical work led him to become a very accomplished experimental scientist.
    • This interest was shared with his wife Vera, also an accomplished pianist.
    • This is Argento's first shot at directing in English and it's clear that she has an accomplished eye and a fine visual sense.
    • By the age of 13 he had written an opera (now lost) and was becoming an accomplished pianist.
    • For the newcomer proved himself to be a capable surgeon and an accomplished physician.
    • The classes are suitable for everyone from the complete beginner to the accomplished artist.
    • An accomplished classical pianist and a double first in Maths Physics, he was always a man apart.
    • Claire is an accomplished pianist while Carthage plays clarinet, piano, flute and guitar.