Traducción de accredit en Español:


acreditar, v.

Pronunciación /əˈkrɛdət//əˈkrɛdɪt/

verbo transitivo

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    • 1.1

      (ambassador) acreditar
      to accredit sb to sth
      • she was accredited to the embassy in Paris la destinaron a la embajada de París
      • He didn't accredit his lawyers to the Hague tribunal because that would mean de facto recognising the court - which he doesn't.
      • The subject of the document is accrediting third parties to conduct inspections of eligible Class II and Class III medical device manufacturers.
      • Less than half of the 4,000 international journalists accredited to attend actually turned up and, by the end of the summit, even those who did were looking elsewhere.
      • She was among 180 diplomats accredited to the election centre at the National Palace of Culture, and personally witnessed the news conferences of the main political groups.
      • As it was, 170 journalists were accredited, most of whom had their hands up to ask a question as he took his seat on the stage.
      • Under current media regulations, all foreign journalists need to be accredited by the government before entering the violence-wracked country.
      • Hundreds of journalists have been accredited to cover the event, with TV and press coverage of the city and of the races expected to be beamed to 60 countries.
      • More than 70 journalists have been accredited to cover the hearings which are expected to last at least three weeks.
      • England was due to arrive in Harare last night with only the Press Association, the Daily Mail, The Independent, the Daily Express, The Guardian and Reuters news agency accredited to cover the series.
      • Foreign journalists are being accredited on a discretionary basis.
      • In all, 467 women correspondents, including 267 Americans, were accredited to cover the war.
      • In fact, they were under much tighter control than any journalist accredited to the coalition forces.
      • Several hundred reporters have been accredited to cover the event, including correspondents from Reuters, the BBC, Deutsche Welle, the Associated Press and France Presse.
      • We have diplomats accredited to Riga and those other capitals, and they visit them regularly.
      • However, he could not control reporters not accredited to his command.
      • Today, Smith - who is accredited with the International Society of Appraisers and has written and taught a course for the ISA on animation art - oversees the gallery.
      • By Wednesday afternoon, 980 journalists had been accredited to the international press centre, of whom 645 work for foreign media and 340 work for Bulgarian media.
      • Before any journalist could be accredited, the Defence Minister had to be advised.
      • Specialised agencies have been accredited to verify and certify the carbon reductions and carbon sequestering achieved.
      • Meanwhile, the government last week refused to accredit journalists from the BBC and other western countries who wanted to cover the trial.

    • 1.2(approve, authorize)

      (broker/agent) acreditar
      (course) reconocer
      • The American Horticultural Therapy Association accredits training programs throughout the United States and in other countries.
      • The NCTJ - the official training body for journalists - accredits courses throughout the UK, from day release to full time undergraduate.
      • Beginning with its April meeting, CoA will accredit internship programs for up to seven years.
      • The Norfolk farm was accredited by the RSPCA with the Freedom Food standard, a stamp of approval for animal-friendly operators.
      • It is a 28-week course, which leads to a certificate in CPC accredited by the National Open College Network.
      • The doctor is then accredited with the General Medical Council, much as the pupil barrister is with the Bar Council.
      • JFCOM's elements of joint context provide a list of capabilities and characteristics required to accredit any training event as a participant in an overarching JNTC-enhanced event.
      • Is the distance provider accredited by a recognized accrediting agency?
      • If an applicant is pursuing a master's degree in another field, such as business administration, that undergoes a national accreditation process, the appropriate body must accredit the degree program.
      • What's troublesome is the ICR's school is actually accredited by a nationally recognized accreditation agency.
      • I mean we're tough, we don't mess around if we find a childcare service is not meeting the right standards for accreditation, we don't accredit them.
      • A regulatory organisation of both regional and international credibility, SANAS inspects laboratories to ensure they conform to international standards before they are accredited.
      • It already helps to drive up standards, accredit courses and provide advice.
      • A council accredits a natural-resource company's source of supply if it meets set social and environmental criteria.
      • Its remit was, and is, to develop and continuously improve the standards of good practice in franchising and to accredit franchisors that meet these standards.
      • It is the sole authority to accredit hospitals in Canada and has the monopoly of accreditation activities, which now encompass long-term, mental health and rehabilitation facilities as well as general hospitals.
      • For this reason it is best to choose a course accredited by one or more of the following bodies.
      • Now, Health Canada is prepared to accept foreign incorporated registrars so long as the Standards Council of Canada accredits them.
      • Thus, for example, the University of Leicester Law Faculty is now accredited by professional bodies in India, Malaysia and Singapore as well as by those in the England and Wales.
      • Read the institutions' prospectuses carefully and note if a course is accredited or validated by a respected professional body.

    • 1.3accredited past participle

      (diplomat/representative) acreditado
      (qualification) reconocido
      (institution) homologado
      (institution) incorporado Argentina
      (institution) habilitado Uruguay
      (agent) autorizado

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