Traducción de acid en Español:


ácido, n.

Pronunciación /ˈæsəd//ˈasɪd/


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    ácido masculino
    • Copper is a moderately reactive metal that dissolves in most acids and alkalis.
    • Additionally, carbon dioxide and organic acids may be added to the water from the soil, where they form by decay of organic matter.
    • It combines with most non-metals at high temperatures and reacts with both acids and alkalis.
    • The rotting process releases acids which dissolve metals into liquids which leach out of waste dumps and can poison local rivers.
    • A typical trick was to coat a gold object with a metal that could be dissolved by an acid.
    • Two teenagers were lucky to still have their sight, after they were sprayed in the face with a corrosive acid in an apparently unprovoked attack on Chiswick High Road.
    • It can withstand high temperatures and is resistant to many corrosive substances such as acids and alkalis.
    • Lactate, your body's buffering agent, neutralizes the acid that builds up in your legs and makes them burn during heavy exertion.
    • The element is not very reactive chemically, although it does dissolve in most acids.
    • Their roots will penetrate cracks in the rock and produce an organic acid that dissolves calcium carbonate.
    • Zinc is a fairly active metal that dissolves in both acids and strong alkalis.
    • Strong acids are corrosive and this one is no exception; the stomach lining must be constantly renewed as it is eaten away.
    • The creek began running the color of old blood, poisoned by acids and heavy metals leached from the coal mines.
    • I reach down and pry the knife she was holding out of her hands; it's a standard chainsteel model, but with a hollow edge filled with corrosive hexavalent acid.
    • These same sensors also prevent further stomach contents from entering the duodenum until the stomach acid is neutralized and diluted.
    • Most of the corrosive acid quickly evaporated from the road that was warmed by early morning sunshine and a fresh breeze helped it to quickly dissipate into the atmosphere.
    • Concentrated acids and caustic alkalis should be handled with the greatest care.
    • It also dissolves in most acids and reacts slowly with water to form compounds that tend to be yellowish or green in color.
    • Railroad crews also were checking the rail lines and a rail car was being sent along the route with a solution of baking soda and water to neutralize the acid.
    • Saliva neutralizes acids that can cause tooth decay, but its production is greatly reduced during sleep.
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    ácido masculino
    • Listening to this in the middle of the night is what I'd imagine having a particularly strange trip on acid would be like.
    • He looked around more, seeing many different things that he would never expect: cocaine, meth and acid.
    • Flashbacks can occur at any time after taking acid, sometimes even after many years.
    • He has used mescaline, cocaine and acid, although he has not indulged in intravenous drugs.
    • That heroin and acid were and are illegal didn't seem to stop him.


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    • Unlike many magnolias, M. stellata will grow just as well on alkaline soils as it will on acid soil.
    • Boxwood prefer slightly acid to slightly alkaline soil and do very well when planted in early fall.
    • Kochian's lab is also working on finding ways to grow crops on marginal lands such as acid soils, where toxic levels of aluminum limit crop production.
    • Mossy lawns that indicate acid soil may be dressed in late November with powdered chalk or lime at a rate of 8oz per sq yard.
    • In the case of acid soils, burning decreases acidity, which starts to increase again during the planting period.
    • So where better to focus than France's Loire Valley, known best for its grapes which thrive on acid soils and produce some of the best and most palatable wines to suit barbecue steaks or fish and seafood.
    • The entrance is enhanced by plants such as ready grown, trees, magnolias and other plants suited to the acid soil of the area with ready grown creepers lining the pillars.
    • Carrot plants do not grow well in strongly acid soils; therefore, a pH range of 6.0 to 6.8 should be maintained for best results.
    • The blunt truth is that the wet acid soils of the Highlands could not support any tolerable standard of living, particularly as the inhabitants could now compare their condition with those in other areas.
    • Azaleas and rhododendrons must have an acid soil.
    • They need well-drained acid soil and sun or partial shade and are best pruned in March.
    • Sorrel likes rich, moist, acid soil and will even grow in containers.
    • Preziosa has small mophead flowers that are usually a mix of pink, white and red that never get very blue even on acid soils and that turn crimson in autumn.
    • If shrubs or trees are native to an area with acid soil and you're growing them in alkaline dirt, sure enough they'll probably become bug infested.
    • It used to be that, if you had a very acid soil, the hydrangeas would be bluer; more alkaline soil, your hydrangeas would be pinker.
    • If you have an acid soil, a good way to rectify the situation is to rake lime into the ground in late winter.
    • In the garden it likes sun or partial shade and well-drained acid soil - like most Ericas it dislikes being grown in limy conditions.
    • Corn is less sensitive than legumes to acid soils.
    • A specialist plant which prefers soil on the acid side but in pots use a good quality potting mix for Australian natives.
    • Space them about 6 feet apart in well-drained, slightly acid soil.
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    (sour, bitter)
    (taste) ácido
    (taste) agrio
    • William looked down in horror as he tried to keep composure, but the very fear of what his acid remarks could do to this man's mood made him gulp and shift once in his feet.
    • His antimilitarism and acid comments on ‘the military mind’ will probably antagonize many present-day soldiers.
    • Sometimes he brings his wife, to swap acid comments with the bartender.
    • As he took a moment to rest, dropping her feet to the ground but keeping a firm grip on the ruffled sleeve of her shirt, he received an acid remark.
    • Fired by anger and fear, I spun to face my assailant, acid demands on my lips - and the words died.
    • ‘Please leave, I do not wish to speak to you,’ she said in quietly acid tones that immediately raised his concern.
    • Nevertheless, one writer of independent means abstained from all public pronouncements and confined himself to acid criticisms of the government in his private diary.
    • Ignoring her acid tone, he mumbled, ‘You're very snappy this afternoon.’
    • The letter ends with more acid advice: Since the politician has a lifetime pension, he'd be better off polishing his golf game.
    • These cases attract great attention, and acid comments from magistrates.
    • On the visit to the GP I saw a locum who said I must sit about for the next week, not use the computer, and keep off acid fruits.
    • Balsamic vinegar is acid because it's vinegar after all, but when combined with fruits it seems to make a background flavor that enhances natural sweetness of the fruits.
    • Luigi Dallapiccola's acid remark about Vivaldi, often repeated, is misleading.
    • Asked what he thinks about that constant speculation, the Frenchman's acid response is that his counterpart must have a good agent.
    • This may enhance pleasant tastes and decrease salty, bitter, or acid tastes.
    • It is an acid cherry that provides a bittersweet flavour when fully ripe.
    • Sadie spat in an acid tone, refusing to even acknowledge that the woman was her mother.
    • The mild fruit with a sweet and acid taste can get rid of wetness inside, enrich the body's energy and relieve internal heat.
    • You can't eat it fresh because it's so acid, but often these highly acid fruits have the best flavour, and it makes the most wonderful fruit drinks, sorbets, ice creams and other things.
    • Northam's acid comments aside, however, Stoppard falls short of his Shakespeare In Love triumph, while John Barry's soundtrack merely ticks over.
    • Sour and acid tastes are liked, and are manifest in the use of lime juice, tamarind, etc.
    • I smiled as sweetly as I could and kissed her cheek as I breathed in the pungent acid aroma.
    • The taste is mildly acid and always astringent, sometimes very strongly so.
    • She is dressed in a body-hugging, full-length stripper gown and armed with an acid retort for every smart-aleck remark.
    • They rely on a judicious ratio of noodle, meat and/or vegetables to broth and a sophisticated interplay of flavours which might include salty, sour, acid, sweet and spicy - hot.
    • It is medium bodied with surprisingly strong flavors, a crisp acid balance and a slightly bitter finish.
    • Her interpretation is perfectly pitched to Catherine's acid sarcasm.
    • One final matter is worth mentioning, and this is the acid comments about folklore and folklorists in Alice's diaries.
    • He makes some quite acid comments about the seventies mystical counterculture which make for very amusing reading now.
    • He has become more prominent since Henry took over in November 1999 and adds the sugar to the coach's acid remarks when things are not going well.
    • The intention here is surely to eliminate ‘producer opera’, about which Sharpe makes some acid remarks.
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    (reply/voice) agrio
    (voice/reply) mordaz
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    acid green verde amarillento masculino
    • acid yellow amarillo verdoso