Hay 2 traducciones principales de act en Español

: ACT1act2



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Hay 2 traducciones principales de act en Español

: ACT1act2


actuar, v.

Pronunciación /akt//ækt/

verbo intransitivo

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    • 1.1(take action, do sth)

      I'm acting on behalf of my client actúo en representación de mi cliente
      • we must act now tenemos que tomar medidas inmediatamente
      • To be expedient, we must act within the bounds of international law consistent with consensus among the emerging allied coalition.
      • In these circumstances, players may also use an assistant who cannot view the playing court and must act only on the player's instructions.
      • That is what we need to insist upon and that is what we must act upon.
      • But they must act tomorrow if they are to convene the Northern Ireland Assembly to elect a new first minister.
      • In the wake of Silent Spring all industrialised societies acted to reduce pollution.
      • Shipley's Labour MP said the Council must act quickly.
      • We must act, not only in defence of our sisters and brothers in other countries, but for our own children and our own future.
      • The collective consciousness wants a just world and now realizes individuals must now act to secure one.
      • Investors must act quickly if they want to roll their capital into another tax-free plan, writes Jessica Bown
      • I have never come across a business so brilliant, nor one so destined for bankruptcy by 2002, so you must act now.
      • The rock of Mother Jones' faith was her conviction that working Americans acting together must free themselves from poverty and powerlessness.
      • However, in the long run, we believe that politicians must act in the interest of all of those who participate in elections.
      • The world has to act - and it must not wait another 10 years to do it.
      • Based upon no common agreement on publicly available information, the Democrats say we must act now.
      • Labour must act now or more unions will sever their link.
      • The Greens leader says the world can save lives if it acts quickly and Australia must be part of that.
      • We in turn must act to save the fish from the fishermen and remind them that that once the fish are gone, they won't even be able to chuck dead fish back into the sea.
      • We must act before we are punished for moving too slowly.
      • This body must act now to urge our fellow legislators in the United States Senate to alleviate this crisis.
      • The city council needs to act sensitively, but it must act to facilitate public use of our green spaces.

    • 1.2(function, work)

      (chemical/drug) hacer efecto
      (chemical/drug) actuar
      it will take a while to act tardará un rato en hacer efecto
      • Cloud and water vapour may tend to damp down the effects of increased greenhouse gases, or they may act to magnify such effects.
      • Moreover there is no evidence that public humiliation acts as a deterrent.
      • The forum is also looking for volunteers to act as rangers along the trail.
      • The plan proposed Mr Robertson as manager and relied on volunteers acting as core staff.
      • She has quite literally found herself acting as a foster mother to a very young hare.
      • This remedy is given in a highly diluted form and acts on the body to mobilise the immune system.
      • No. Do I think that the threat of capital punishment acts as a deterrent to serious crime?
      • Histamine H 2 receptor antagonists act by blocking the effect of histamine on parietal cells.
      • Recent studies have suggested that a number of drugs may act specifically to increase healing rates.
      • In effect, Labour was serving in government and acting as the formal Opposition at one and the same time.
      • Spraying a strong disinfectant inside refuse bags also acts as a deterrent to foxes.
      • Cement has been partially effective, as it acts to seal the bone and prevent osteolysis.
      • Bethany also acts as her parents' ears as both are deaf, since contracting measles in childhood.
      • Drug use was pandemic at these shows because drugs act to trigger the transformation into the private self.
      • We have an opportunity to create a town centre that could act as a meeting place or some point of civic focus.
      • A wide variety of drugs, acting solely on brain structures, influence our minds.
      • He said his organisation acts as a volunteer brokerage service that businesses can use.
      • It was a poison that acted instantly and would appear as alcohol in the autopsy.
      • Jody acts as a foster mum and he had to hand feed the four every three hours for the first four days.
      • Vulgarone B has proved just as effective - and faster acting - than the current treatment against golden apple snails.
      • Police believe their presence also acts as a deterrent against other crimes.
      • In so doing, it was not acting as a constitutional tribunal reviewing the acts of the Council against the Charter.
      • Wine drunk on its own tastes different when taken with food, because the wine acts on food in a similar way to spices.
      • The scientists further found that the crumpled ball displayed a phenomenon known as hysteresis, in which the effect of forces acting upon an object lags behind its cause.
      • Thus, the competition between monovalent and divalent cations acts only on the DNA sites and does not act on the mica sites.
      • Nobles could act as foster parents to the sons of kings and other nobles' sons.
      • Nor is their any evidence at all that the threat of execution acts as a deterrent.
      • Nitrosureas - a group of drugs that act similarly to that of alkylating agents.
      • He is now on the hunt for volunteers to act as business mentors to small Cumbrian enterprises.
      • In sunny spring, the location serves as Paris and in misty autumn it acts as London.
      • A chemical is released by one cell and acts on another to complete the circuit.
      • The data centre also acts as a backup to the US serving infrastructure if required.
      • The High Court ruling is timely and would have served the purpose if it acts as a deterrent.
      • It is almost always given by injecting a drug, which acts so rapidly that you are barely aware that anything is happening before waking up in the recovery ward, or back in bed.
      • Both supplementary bodies are composed of experts acting as governmental representatives.

    • 1.3(serve)

      to act as sth servir de algo
      • this will act as a warning esto servirá de advertencia
      • she will act as interpreter hará de intérprete
      • He also acted for the Ukraine Communist Party and the Ukraine Socialist Party.
      • The purchaser was a solicitor acting on behalf of a client.
      • They will now have to wait to hear whether solicitors acting on behalf of the accused man ask for a second post-mortem examination.
      • Solicitors acting on behalf of a number of officers have written to cinemas and halls pointing out that they may be liable to action should the film be found to be defamatory.
      • We act on behalf of very high-profile clients who would, I consider, find a lap-dancing club deeply objectionable and offensive.
      • They were acting for a local property developer with links to the gypsy community and last month the field became a caravan site.
      • The barrister acting for the community council is now objecting to the inspector's decision.
      • Solicitors acting on behalf of a double murder suspect are to take an appeal against his extradition to the Dutch High Court in The Hague.
      • According to the new regulations, a representative who acts on behalf of visa-seekers must be authorised and could be an immigration consultant with good standing in the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants.
      • The firearms officer is being represented by the Scottish Police Federation, which acts on behalf of rank-and-file police.
      • After the hearing, Holt, who acts for the twins, said: ‘The award will make a very significant difference to the twins' quality of life.’
      • The first stages of a High Court hearing will be heard later this month involving a Dublin law firm acting on behalf of up to 12 individual clients.
      • Following this communication, Stone, who had acted for the purchaser in the past, made it known to Smith that he must retain his own lawyer in the matter.
      • For the last two years its leader, who allegedly murdered an RUC officer, has claimed to act for the community.
      • A Dublin-based firm of solicitors are acting on behalf of the parents of over 100 children with autism.
      • At the end of August solicitors acting on behalf of Mr King launched a claim for damages at London's High Court.
      • Our back pages are dominated by celebrity drivel spun by agents acting for a handful of English superstars.
      • I understand you act for the airline, and there was a dispute there some time ago about drug and alcohol testing.
      • As such, unions were represented in local and national government and sought to act for the community.
      • It is about time the party stopped its pretence of acting on behalf of all the people when the only people it represents are the well off, big business and the privileged.

    • 1.4acting present participle

      (chairman/director/head) interino

  • 2

    they acted irresponsibly actuaron / se comportaron de forma irresponsable
    • just act as if nothing had happened haz como si no hubiera pasado nada
    • sorry, I acted like a fool perdón, fui muy tonto / me comporté como un tonto
    • stop acting like a child! ¡no seas infantil!
    • she always acts very polite toward us siempre es muy cortés con nosotros
    • Both of these guys spend half of the film acting as if they're posing for a magazine cover.
    • Companies must act responsibly and tell the truth to avoid their shareholders being added to the list of victims in this grim tale.
    • The other thing is people are acting as if corruption in the Olympics is something new.
    • If we want a Nanny-free State, we must stop acting like children.
    • It wasn't unusual for Krystal to act like a complete crazy person, but today she was acting extra crazy and I knew something was up.
    • It seems to me like women have to grin and bear a lot, and still feel pressure to act like saintly selfless birth goddesses.
    • What made it so original was that is she acted as if everything she said made perfect sense.
    • In order to acclimate him to the wild, Dolittle must teach him the ways of nature and how to act like a real bear.
    • Why are some small/medium-sized companies in such a hurry to act like big stupid companies?
    • You must begin thinking and acting like you're a lawyer.
    • What is even more outrageous is that Gannon still acts as though he did nothing wrong.
    • We're going to act like normal, mature adults and choose normal children's names.
    • I act like a teenager and he acts like a staid, pipe-and-slippers pensioner.
    • Politicians have to be seen to be acting responsibly and must expect to be censured when they are not.
    • He kept acting as if the crowd adored him when in fact we found him to be an annoying prat.
    • I was behaving in my normal chatty self and acting as if I knew them for a hundred years as usual.
    • Is it really that difficult to act like an adult and go about the business of the country in an orderly, civilized manner?
    • Their main function is to act like an annoying salesperson who wouldn't take no for an answer.
    • Maybe they just act like rock stars because it's a lot easier than acting like ordinary people.
    • In any case, the administration must acknowledge that he acted like a hero, who did his best for his city.
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    • 3.1(perform)

      (as profession) ser actor
      she's always wanted to act siempre ha querido ser actriz
      • Pryor gives the best performance of his career and proves that he can truly act in a dramatic role as well.
      • He has acted in over 30 films and 60 television serials.
      • At three he was Jesus in a Nativity play; at 10 he had a theatre role, four years later he was on television and at 16 he acted in a short film.
      • She was very strong in the leading role, singing and acting well, while Lee was very creditable as the prince.
      • Boorman, son of the director John Boorman, had acted in 24 films since a childhood role in Deliverance in 1972.
      • Filmmakers were quick to spot his talent as he started acting in several small roles.
      • He spent a term at RADA in 1940 before acting with repertory companies in Liverpool and Bideford, Devon.
      • At a time when most of her contemporaries were sitting exams, she was acting in meaty TV roles.
      • He is considered to be more of an ‘artist’ than most Tamil actors because he acts in non-stereotypical roles.
      • It's also a film that reveals a new beauty which was buried inside all the comedy roles he had acted in.
      • Kathryn, who has also been billed as Kathy Morris, as acted in a wide ranges of films and television roles.
      • In the next scene, performers are acting again, this time in the role of rural laborers.
      • She began to act in male roles as a child and this continued even later.
      • Is it because, except for the 4 main actors, none of the rest can act to save their roles?
      • He acted with the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2002, in Island Princess, The Malcontent, Edward III and The Roman Actor.
      • The movie is being made, with Angelina Jolie acting in the lead role.
      • When I'm actually presenting, I'm on stage in a role, I'm acting almost.
      • He has also acted in a prominent role in a Telugu film.
      • If you were to act in a Raj Kapoor film which one would it be?
      • He is still afraid of accepting film roles, despite having acted in more than 300 films over the past 29 years.

    • 3.2(pretend)

      he acted all nonchalant hizo como si no le importara
      • don't act innocent/dumb with me! ¡no te hagas el inocente/tonto conmigo!

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (role/part) interpretar
    (part/role) hacer
    the play was very well acted la obra estuvo muy bien interpretada / actuada
  • 2

    (behave like, play role of)
    it's no use acting the innocent es inútil que te hagas el inocente
    • Haley sniped examining her fingernails pretending to act aloof about the whole matter.
    • Pearl tried to appear nonchalant by acting smug, but the glistening smile in her eyes betrayed her true feelings.
    • She'd planned to act dumb and pretend she'd never known he was there.
    • Melody had surprised herself with how calm she had acted and appeared even though inside a swarm of butterflies flitted nervously and a shiver ran down her spine.
    • I was still laughing, and she merely huffed and pretended to act mad by turning her head away from me.
    • Casey thought that she appeared and acted very calm and collected.
    • As long as they don't have to act manly and pretend not to be afraid of insects.
    • May pretended that she was acting sorry about dumping him.
    • At the moment, they were acting so reserved… pretending a ghost of the relationship they usually had.
    • Caelyn asked, pretending to act coy as she kept one hand around his neck and used to the other to trace his collarbone lightly.
    • So the suspicion remains that his main desire is merely to appear to be acting tough - whether or not what he suggests will make any difference.
    • He acted shocked then pretended to weep.
    • So Charlotte, who was contemptuous of him knowing the right answer but acting dumb to keep in with his mates, is his only hope.


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    acto masculino
    it was a foolish/brave act fue una locura/un acto de valentía
    • an act of aggression una agresión
    • an act of treason una traición
    • the government's latest act was to free the prisoners la última acción del gobierno fue liberar a los prisioneros
    • destroying the animal was an act of kindness sacrificar al animal fue un acto piadoso
    • these acts of violence will not go unpunished estos actos de violencia no quedarán impunes
    • my first act was to … lo primero que hice fue …
    • the Acts of the Apostles los Hechos de los Apóstoles
    • But then the act of listening to music is selfish, not communal.
    • The act of vandalism, which caused damaged estimated at £30, occurred in the early hours of Christmas Eve.
    • Witnesses to the act of criminal genius called police who, so far, have only charged the man with theft.
    • Tonight the act of turning back our clocks signals, in a more or less official way, the onset of fall.
    • That is why the act of dissent and of intelligently questioning a war is one of the most patriotic things that a civilian can do.
    • The act of taking one's child to a hospital for any procedure is scary.
    • Transgression of this boundary was the act of a criminal and a heroic nature.
    • This study agrees with the view of Franklin L. Ford, whose book Political Murder covers terrorist acts from ancient times down to the 1980s.
    • He is innocent and this is not the act of a football hooligan.
    • Thinking becomes a chore - a troubling effort - even the act of breathing takes thought and we may never sleep.
    • Immediately, and without intent, start thinking about the act of staring at yourself in the mirror.
    • The bombings were the act of criminal extremists.
    • Like everything, the act of recollection moves with the times.
    • However, the weekend becomes meaningful only by the act of being remembered.
    • He had started his quest with no mastery of the act of observing a scene and translating it onto paper.
    • The act of writing is a personal affair and a spiritual labor.
    • My beautiful children who I'd had were just gone out of my life in that one single moment, that one simple, selfish act.
    • The act of eating is important but it is always accompanied by speech.
    • It was a moderately brave act of which I remain immoderately proud, as a just and deeply felt tribute to a truly great player.
    • I am very concerned about what the president has put forth, although again, we're respectful of his need to snuff out terrorism, prevent any acts from happening again.
  • 2

    ley femenino
    an act of Parliament/Congress una ley aprobada por el Parlamento/Congreso
    • to pass an act aprobar una ley
  • 3

    • 3.1(division of play)

      acto masculino
      a one-act play una obra de teatro de un solo acto
      • a play in three acts una obra en tres actos
      • Things pick up somewhat in the second act, which is performed in this production without a break for intermission.
      • With a top ticket price of $110, you had better give me more than a one-act ballet stretched into two acts.
      • A Time for Tea is nevertheless, organised into two main acts.
      • Ursula Fri-Bernhard and Jan Kyhle anchor this production with exciting performances in the first act.
      • The play's careful and logical division into five acts (which would have been marked by Intervals in indoor performance) would support this view.
      • The opera's three acts were presented individually on sequential days in two complete performances over consecutive weekends.
      • Ballet in two acts with choreography by Ivanov, libretto by Petipa, music by Tchaikovsky, and designs by M. I. Botcharov, K. Ivanov, and I. Vsevolojsky.
      • Giselle a ballet in two acts begins at 7.30 pm on Friday, April 1, at The Sands Centre, Carlisle.
      • Nerves were to the fore on opening night as the cast stuttered with their lines and generally put on a wooden performance in the first act.
      • Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet employs comedy in its first act to endear us to its characters and set up its plot.
      • Tosca is an opera in three acts set in Rome about 1800 at a time of revolution.
      • Germans never applaud between the movements of a sonata, or before the end of an act at the opera.
      • As a student at the School of American Ballet, she appeared for several years in the second act of the New York City Ballet's production of George Balanchine's Nutcracker.

    • 3.2(routine)

      número masculino
      a comedy/juggling act un número cómico/de malabarismo
      • In the end, I decided to join in with everyone else and dance - it's hard to keep up the sulky act ALL night.
      • His successful move from Northern Ireland politics to representing Munster and Fine Gael in the European Parliament was quite simply a Houdini act.
      • The kitchen where Willie did his Jamie Oliver act makes the one he'll have to share at college look in need of a visit from environmental health.
      • I've brought home a stack of proofs to read this weekend, so started on them on the train home, but did my worryingly regular falling asleep act not long outside London.

  • 4

    it was all a big act era puro cuento / puro teatro coloquial