Traducción de actuate en Español:


accionar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈæk(t)ʃəˌweɪt//ˈaktʃʊeɪt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (mechanism/alarm) accionar
    • The Saddle is fitted with yoke-mounted roll-screw and nut elevating gear actuated by handwheels on either side of the saddle.
    • Because the pushrod doesn't actuate the valve, no combustion takes place.
    • These are further split into two circuits, each of which owns or shares responsibilities for actuating flight controls and operating other hydraulic components.
    • The hydraulic lifter actuates one end of the roller finger, while the other end actuates the valve.
    • The guns are actuated by a three-way switch on the spade grip of the stick.
    • This circuit prevents the operator from actuating the tool except when both hands are on the throttle levers.
    • Applying a voltage between the electrodes and the mobile plate actuates the mirror.
    • Pilot controls consisted of dual wheel yokes and the landing gear was extended and retracted by a hydraulic pump actuated by a hand lever.
    • Within the device, a diaphragm is actuated pneumatically, electrically, or magnetically, and it pumps blood into the aorta or pulmonary artery.
    • The control unit also has a receiver electrically connected to the relay switch and is adapted to receive a control signal for actuating the relay switch.
    • Finally, the device driver for the appropriate device translates the commands to analog signals that actuate the device.
    • The moving cantilever can actuate another device or move a cam or wheel to generate rotary motion.
    • In automatic mode it actuates the hydraulic valves that control the blade.
    • The landing gear was hydraulically actuated and was fully retractable.
    • He chopped the left throttle to the off position, actuated the left engine fire button, and turned the left engine master switch off.
    • Would you believe the switch was actuated by lifting up the horn button!
    • When we actuated the gear lever, only the right main gear went down and locked into position.
    • As the engine was lowered, the lanyard had actuated a valve that drove the hoist to its stowed position.
    • Levers can incorporate interlocks, requiring the user to actuate a release mechanism before he or she can move the lever.
    • The valves are actuated via drag arms from twin, contra-rotating camshafts.