Traducción de adjourn en Español:


suspender, v.

Pronunciación /əˈdʒəːn//əˈdʒərn/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (trial/talks) suspender
    • The case was adjourned until yesterday after the jury was dismissed for legal reasons part-way through.
    • The case was adjourned for a short break when the court heard that both defendants were feeling unwell.
    • His case was adjourned for psychiatric reports until March 24th.
    • The case was adjourned until December 7 for reports.
    • The defence asked for time to obtain expert opinion from a US legal expert and the case was adjourned until Tuesday 18 October.
    • He did not enter a plea and his case was adjourned until July 3.
    • He said he would refer the issue to the Attorney General for legal advice and adjourn the case until January 31, 2002.
    • Her case is adjourned until July 5 and she is free on bail.
    • So, after two days of legal argument, the case was adjourned until Monday 10th May.
    • The pair did not enter a plea and the case was adjourned until Monday November 29 when it is due to be heard before Tanzania's High Court.
    • The bench called for pre-sentence reports and adjourned the case until September 16, granting conditional bail.
    • His case was adjourned until today for a probation report.
    • The case was adjourned until June 18 for reports to be prepared.
    • The magistrates adjourned the case until September 10 for reports.
    • The father-of-two appeared in court last month, but the case was adjourned until yesterday for reports.
    • She appeared at Richmond Court in custody and was refused bail after her case was adjourned until April 24th for reports.
    • Magistrates have adjourned the case until 22nd February.
    • Magistrates adjourned the case until next month for the probation service to prepare social reports and said they were considering a community penalty.
    • Magistrates adjourned the case until March 12 th for pre-sentence reports, and warned the teenager that he could face prison.
    • The case was adjourned until March 15 for pre-sentence reports.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    the meeting adjourned se levantó la sesión
    • the court adjourned for lunch el tribunal levantó la sesión para ir a comer
  • 2formal, humorístico

    let's adjourn to the garden pasemos al jardín
    • After the two minutes silence we adjourned to Wetherspoon's for a coffee before the parade left for the parish church.
    • Afterwards all adjourned to the club house for a meal.
    • An inquest has also been opened into Mr Lewis's death and adjourned to a later date.
    • Later, the teams and guests adjourned to the specially erected marquee for a meal, refreshments and an enjoyable social evening.
    • After inspection the group adjourned to Corpus Christy Communal Centre where tea was served and the signing took place.
    • After Mass all adjourned to Frank's Place where a Four Course Meal was served by Killasser Community Care Group members.
    • At the end of the concert, they adjourned to the bar.
    • Villagers flocked to St Andrew's Church to hear Mr Bambury deliver a sermon from the pulpit, then adjourned to the pub opposite to see Rev Knight run the bar.
    • After that, we adjourned to the drawing room where Carlo served us a pot of my finest Assam and some cucumber sandwiches.
    • After the play, my friends and I adjourned to Newton for dinner, after which I had to leave early to meet up with new friends.
    • After dinner, the boys adjourned to the living room for a movie.
    • Later, many adjourned to the Western Hotel for a night of music and song.
    • After a walk round the extensive gardens and lake, the group adjourned to Lullingstone for lunch.
    • Following Mass the group adjourned to Gavin's Golden Hill House where a delicious luncheon awaited everyone.
    • Everybody then adjourned to the 19th hole to talk over the competition, and all agreed it was a fine idea and it would improve their short game.
    • My mom and I completed the tour of the backyard, and happily adjourned to the front yard.
    • To finish the night off many adjourned to the Dungeon Bar in the basement of the castle for more musical entertainment until the early hours of the morning.
    • At around 2: 15 we all adjourned to the dining room for Christmas dinner.
    • Following a quick stop in the local café to greet many parishioners, I adjourned to the quiet of my pastoral study.
    • An inquest was opened and adjourned to a date to be fixed at Barrow Town Hall on Monday.