Traducción de adjust en Español:


ajustar, v.

Pronunciación /əˈdʒəst//əˈdʒʌst/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (instrument) ajustar
      (instrument) poner a punto
      (speed/temperature/volume) regular
      don't forget to adjust your watches no se olviden de cambiar la hora de su reloj
      • adjust the mirror ajuste el retrovisor
      • adjust seasoning to taste sazonar a gusto
      • adjust the belt to fit ajuste el cinturón a su medida
      • These results were adjusted for age, sex, and deprivation.
      • However, the report is already adjusted for such seasonal factors.
      • The seat height was adjusted for each individual before each test using a standardized method.
      • All analyses were adjusted for age, sex, and education.
      • In addition, the analysis was adjusted for the number of annual hospitalisations.
      • The estimates were adjusted for 16 major confounding factors.
      • However, when the number of doses dispensed in the different units was adjusted for, the differences were not significant.
      • Partial pressure in oxygen was adjusted for altitude and reported as if it were obtained at sea level.
      • Analyses were adjusted for age and sex, and there was no effect modification.
      • The multivariate analyses were adjusted for age, smoking, and family history of allergy.
      • This trend continued when the data were adjusted for inflammatory markers.
      • Also note that the data in these tables are not adjusted for group sizes, and smaller groups are at a distinct disadvantage.
      • All linear measurements were adjusted for their respective level of magnification.
      • The standard errors of the model estimates were adjusted for the clustering of patients within hospitals.
      • Furthermore, all analyses were statistically adjusted for intervention and control status.
      • Soil temperatures are favorable for corn and most of the planters are adjusted for the dry conditions.
      • If the diesel engine is adjusted for low particulate emissions, more nitrogen oxide is produced.
      • Tests were not adjusted for any reason.
      • All analyses were adjusted for clustering of offspring within families.
      • The data were adjusted for these variables separately in males and females.

    • 1.2(modify)

      (prices/wages) ajustar

    • 1.3(straighten, correct)

      he adjusted his tie se arregló la corbata

  • 2

    (in insurance)
    to adjust a claim liquidar / tasar un siniestro

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (seat/strap) poderse ajustar
    to adjust (to sth/-ing) adaptarse / amoldarse (a algo/+ inf)
    • He has not adjusted to being recognised in the shops.
    • A couple of days later I felt perfectly normal, possibly two kilos lighter and finally adjusted to the heat.
    • There are some journalists who have not adjusted to pop journalism.
    • The Auto Grab system constantly monitors tong pressure and adjusts to securely hold grapple loads while skidding, thus reducing operator work load.
    • The screen also has both a variable brightness control as well as an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts to the environment.
    • It's a flexible, adaptive, dynamic system that never stops - it continually adjusts to the threat.
    • Length is adjusted by loosening the knurled locking collar only a halt turn, after which the post adjusts to the desired height and is secured by another half turn of the locking collar.
    • The system adjusts to enhance stability, even for very small deviations from the desired motion, which the driver may not even notice, the company says.
    • But the computer - programmed prosthesis automatically adjusts to his weight and gait.
    • However, his recent run suggests he has adjusted to the new role just behind a lone striker which Ferguson earmarked for him last year.
    • And Minnesotans seem adjusted to the taxes, calling their state high tax, high service.
    • Being a flexible sort, I quickly adjusted to the new policy.
    • It continually adjusts to the owner's driving preferences, tuning itself to provide more power on demand for better fuel economy.
    • This lounge chair automatically adjusts to your body, eliminating the strap marks caused by poorer quality models, and comes with a pillow and wooden armrests.
    • I'm still getting adjusted to life in Waterloo, and it's been tough.
    • But getting adjusted to some of the old traditions has also been painful.
    • Although Lufthansa is a global operating carrier, their business is local and thus the airline adjusts to local needs and habits.
    • Analysts have not ruled out the company making a major strategic shift as it adjusts to changing market conditions.
    • He has been in the post for two years and 10 months, and despite a lack of fluency in Chinese, he has adjusted to life here.
    • The demonstration had to be delayed and adjusted to cope with the vast crowds, and there were fewer than half the number of cars you'd actually see at the start of a real race.
    • Ulma Form Works, Hawthorne, N.J., devised a self-rising forming system that adjusts to a changing geometry as the core rises.
    • By giving more weight to more recent data, such smoothing adjusts to abrupt shifts in the underlying level of a data series, such as a sudden jump up to a new, higher level.
    • When I returned, I neglected to remove them, having adjusted to damp sandals.
    • A Country Parish examines life in west Wiltshire as it follows vicar Jamie Allen and his family as he moves into the parish of Seend and adjusts to country life.
    • Almost a year after the re-organisation of Otley primary schools provision, people have apparently adjusted to the change.
    • I am proud of the way we have adjusted to the bear market.
    • If there's been one negative aspect of Mike's time here, it would be the food, something he still hasn't adjusted to.
    • The handset is dominated by a 176 mm X 320 mm colour display screen that adjusts to the users' hand movements to allow for tilting, scrolling and zooming.
    • I am frankly filled with admiration at the way in which Australians have reacted and adjusted to this new situation.
    • She said that the program is best suited to upper-level students who have already adjusted to life on campus and in the community.
    • I soon adjusted to being home with my Dad for half a day alone and before I knew it, Debbie was home from school with stories of what they did in school.
    • By the time we got to the car I had already adjusted to my new situation.
    • A 3/8 reversible drill adjusts to hold a range of bits (the spiral shafts that actually drill the holes).
    • Lambert, then, adjusted to the sideshow, but the main event was new to him, more physical and demanding on the field than he had expected.
    • She was immediately sent to New York, taking her vows in Tarrytown, and quickly adjusted to religious life.
    • Also being considered are better light transmission and, ultimately, tunable laser protection that adjusts to the hazard.
    • It automatically adjusts to daylight savings time.
    • The Adjustable Kicker is a reusable steel brace that can be attached to wood or metal forms, adjusts to various angles, and can be used on ground, concrete, asphalt, and wood surfaces.
    • As you can easily see, the preferences information adjusts to reflect the addition of the equipment for the second computer.
    • Rolling uses an appropriate size die that adjusts to the steel tube, angle, pipe, channel, bar or steel beam and revolves at the same peripheral speed, turning in opposite directions.

verbo reflexivo

  • 1

    to adjust oneself to sth/-ing adaptarse a algo/+ inf