Traducción de administration en Español:


administración, n.

Pronunciación /ədˌmɪnəˈstreɪʃ(ə)n//ədmɪnɪˈstreɪʃ(ə)n/


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    • 1.1

      (of institution, business) administración femenino
      (of institution, business) dirección femenino
      (of country) gobierno masculino
      (of country) administración femenino
      • The awards were in courses such as business administration, information processing, performing arts and art, craft and design.
      • However, it is not permissible for such private organizations to spend the zakat money to cover their administration costs.
      • The law on public administration punishes civil servants who fail to show their loyalty to the government through dismissal.
      • The underwater cleanup was the second combined effort of its kind organized by the city administration, the local community and the private sector.
      • This individual has a bachelor of arts degree in economics and a master of business administration degree.
      • The most probable field will be that of public administration, healthcare management and NGO management.
      • As they have done each and every year, Pattaya's city administration and private sector organized a festival for the auspicious occasion.
      • In order to cut costs, city hall administration said large businesses and government departments need to reduce the amount of garbage they produce.
      • The ombudsman must maintain tight contacts with the public administration as well.
      • One chapter describes the documentation process of medication administration and teaching.
      • We realise the government will face significant challenges in public administration.
      • He promised to make the public administration, the civil service here, run more smoothly, and simplify it.
      • There are other aspects of the fuel administration and handling process which the new administration could look into.
      • The annual competition is organised by the city administration and aimed at improving skills and boosting the profile of sports among the city's youth.
      • They bog down in the day-to-day administration of a small business and bemoan the lack of time to draw.
      • John is a Canberra-based commentator on Australian Government, the parliament and public administration.
      • She holds a master's in business administration from the Wharton School.
      • As an article of faith, new public management urges that public administration be animated by clearly defined organizational objectives.
      • His leadership combined military operations, government administration, and economic management.
      • We can only hope he succeeds in bringing reform and efficiency to the entire public administration.
      • There will always be larger organisations, with their overwhelming administration and cost base, vying for our business.
      • Arts and social science programmes replaced courses in business and administration as the first choice for most degree applicants this year.
      • A medical doctor was recently given an award for his achievement in developing a modern approach to public administration.
      • She was employed to haul the public administration into the 21st century.
      • Among other things, we will challenge the primary focus of much of the study of administrative ethics in public administration.
      • In the Northern Territory the Federal government confined its agricultural activities mainly to administration and experiment.
      • The group plunged into the red for the first time in its history with a net loss of £1.7m and said it was selling its private client and fund administration businesses.
      • The importance placed by the public on administration and governance can also be seen in Donald Tsang's very high public poll numbers.
      • In the offices, there was an explanation of the computerised administration processes, grave search and interview room facilities.
      • When I studied public administration in the early 1980s, we used to worry a lot about politicisation.
      • This reduces cost and administration over-head for organisations desperate to cut costs.
      • The states are also bound by constitutional principles governing public administration.
      • And contracting out sits well with the current fashion in public administration for smaller government.
      • The primary care organisations are required to deliver a 15 percent cut in administration costs almost immediately.
      • We are driven back to the point, I think, as we so often are in public administration, that the answer lies as much in the wise exercise of discretion.
      • The Pattaya Bicycle for Health Club and the city administration are organizing a bicycle rally to support the campaign to quit smoking.
      • The trade union leaders boast of their ‘long record of effective administration and organisation’.
      • Another role of Mercosur is to help member countries to overcome their internal problems such as those linked with public administration and the control of inflation.
      • The second area would include judicial reform and reform in public administration.
      • I know what an outstanding contribution to public administration might look like.

    • 1.2(of estate, fund)

      administración femenino
      • Shortly thereafter it went into insolvency administration.
      • Angry creditors have been left owed thousands of pounds after a Yorkshire estate agent went into administration, it emerged yesterday.
      • An obvious example would be, he submits, if the Company went into administration for the purposes of the Insolvency Act 1986.
      • The club went into administration and was rescued by a supporters' consortium which scraped together £210,000 to keep it afloat.
      • It went into administration in May last year and was liquidated in January, with debts thought to be around £70m.

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    • 2.1(managing body)

      administración femenino
      he complained to (the) administration se quejó a la administración
      • The farmers hold the administration responsible for the mess.
      • A spokesman for the university said that the administration was very ‘ticked off’ about the affair.
      • It is the responsibility of the administration to take steps to ensure that no one on this campus ever experiences anything resembling what happened that day.
      • The good news is that the administration now realizes this.
      • In response, the university administration was largely silent.
      • Officials with the administration said the person responsible for the overloading would be severely punished.
      • But he is responsible for the administration's actions since then.
      • Encouraged by the response, the administration opened a mini museum in Mysore.
      • Thus, it is uncontested that the administration is wholly responsible for the imposition of the new steel tariffs.
      • As for me, I'm inclined toward diversifying methods to force the administration to meet our demands.
      • Ostensibly, the administration is responsive to the people.
      • What is responsible is for the administration to do this properly now.
      • The operators later changed their minds after the administration rejected their demand for the subsidy.
      • Were these trends inevitable, or should the current administration be held responsible?
      • I think he attributes too little power, and thus too little responsibility, to the administration.
      • While, the administration is not responding to the article, but they tell us, trust us, we follow the law.
      • Claiming that politics had no place in the university, the administration denied space to the event.
      • Does it warrant a staff letter requesting the administration's response to the complaint?
      • His aim is to present the administration as a responsible international player, concerned not to be the engine of proliferation.
      • According to H. Dapet, the administration agreed to fulfill their demands at the meeting.

    • 2.2Política

      gobierno masculino
      administración femenino
      (spokesman/official) (before noun) gubernamental
      (spokesman/official) (before noun) del gobierno
      (spokesman/official) (before noun) de la administración
      • The administration is hoping for public input with a cut off date for comment of March 25.
      • It will continue regardless of whether we have Republican or Democratic administrations in power.
      • During the Cold War, successive administrations pursued a policy of ‘containment’ against the Soviet Union.
      • However, the government has been reluctant to transfer its power to local administrations.
      • The four refineries have been run down under successive administrations and nearly all of the oil is now exported and refined elsewhere.
      • The solution, as perceived by successive US administrations, is not to retreat from trade liberalization but to incorporate a wider range of nations within the fold.
      • A succession of administrations, both Republican and Democratic, had tacitly endorsed this view.
      • Next, the transfer of power between administrations should be done on a collective and interactive basis.
      • For many types of legislation the primary implementers are the governments and administrations of the member states.
      • Dennis Ross has been an envoy for successive United States administrations and author most recently of ‘The Missing Piece.’
      • So, David, what did you think the big legacy in international affairs from the administration was?
      • However, I think that the administration adequately warned the public of the uncertainties of this action.
      • The administration largely avoided public accountability for its actions by burying the story.
      • But changing such a situation is, realistically, beyond the power of a single administration.
      • Successive administrations have proven adept at devising strategies for isolating offending regimes.
      • Workers have not been paid their salaries for up to 45 months, as successive administrations have left them without pay.
      • Successive governments and Paris municipal administrations have allowed the situation to worsen.
      • Something of a maverick figure, he has a long record of raising awkward questions for successive British administrations.
      • But even out of government, successive administrations in Nigeria sought his advice.
      • The administration blocked the public release of the full version of the report for more than five months.

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    (of justice, medicine, sacrament) administración femenino
    (of aid, relief) suministro masculino
    the administration of the oath la toma del juramento
    • Besides oral administration, herbs and flowers were frequently recommended for use in baths.
    • The administration of justice, it is said, is the strongest pillar of government.
    • The drug reaches a peak plasma concentration three hours after oral administration, with steady state concentration reached within eight days.
    • Participants stopped taking warfarin for at least one day and received vitamin K by oral or subcutaneous administration.
    • Common routes of administration include oral, intranasal, and intravenous.
    • The administration of justice is being dragged into disrepute.
    • Double-blind evaluations of oral administration of Salvia seem warranted.
    • If we can't stop crime, at least we can do is aim for the effective administration of justice.
    • The preference is for oral or intravenous administration in lieu of intramuscular medications.
    • A much better deterrent than flogging would be an efficient police service, coupled with the speedy administration of justice.
    • The drug is rapidly absorbed after oral administration and metabolized extensively in the liver.
    • He says it is a well-established norm that conciliation is part of administration of justice.
    • The claim that bromelain cannot be effective after oral administration is definitely refuted at this time.
    • Don't assume capsules are only intended for oral administration.
    • The administration of justice has to be in a safe environment for everyone's sake, including the accused.
    • Oral administration is preferred, and doses should be given at regular intervals around the clock to provide good pain control.
    • Oral administration of karela juice has shown to improve blood sugar levels.
    • Because many of these drugs are well absorbed after oral administration, they are clinically useful in the outpatient setting.
    • But the family, he added, understands ‘that the fair administration of justice takes time.’
    • An attempt has been made to observe such alterations by using oral administration of another carcinogen to the same strain.
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    (in insolvency law)
    intervención femenino
    Acmeco is in administration Acmeco ha sido intervenida