Traducción de admittedly en Español:


Pronunciación /ədˈmɪdɪdli//ədˈmɪtɪdli/


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    it wasn't an easy task, admittedly, but … hay que reconocer / admitir que no era una tarea fácil pero …
    • I blame the speed for making me fall six times, although, admittedly, I was the only one amongst us to do so.
    • On each of the first two holes, admittedly from tricky spots, he failed to even get his ball on the green when chipping.
    • It can, admittedly, be hard to distinguish between being idealistic and being unrealistic.
    • I've only been once before, admittedly, but it doesn't strike me as particularly rough.
    • He is admittedly a visual genius, but he was often accused of fetishising violence in his films.
    • So does he now regret what was an admittedly misguided, but initially private, prank between friends?
    • The flurry of inputs, some of which admittedly do not have much substance should not be dismissed.
    • I've never cried when I got the push, which admittedly happened only the once.
    • Sylvia Plath wrote about love, though admittedly not in the lightest or happiest manner.
    • I retain a certain fondness for him that is admittedly entirely unwarranted.
    • So, taking that admittedly arbitrary target, we still have some way to go.
    • Our lives have had meaning before this moment - not much meaning, admittedly, but we got by.
    • The road is narrow, admittedly, but there is a white line down the middle.
    • It is a depressing fact that no European has won one of golf's premier events in this admittedly still young century.
    • It's only a hobby - admittedly one that pays for itself - but it is a great reminder.
    • Perhaps with a few more performances she will relax into this admittedly very demanding role.
    • In my judgement, admittedly from a very narrow perspective, it is anger which is the predominant emotion.
    • Bringing a genuinely unique sound to an admittedly tired genre is worth celebrating.
    • He taught himself how to play on a keyboard at home… but admittedly he was no virtuoso
    • This, admittedly, gives one a splendid insight into the more mysterious workings of the human mind.