Traducción de adult en Español:


adulto, n.

Pronunciación /ˈadʌlt//ˈædˌəlt//əˈdʌlt//əˈdəlt/


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    adulto masculino
    adulta femenino
    [ S ]adults only solo para adultos
    • How can something so small require the undivided attention of two grown adults and still not be satisfied?
    • It is a bit ironic how all little girls want to do is grow up and all adults want to do is be young again.
    • There is growing evidence that most adults with moderate coeliac disease can eat oats.
    • Who knew a large powered wheelchair with two 80 watt batteries and a fully grown adult could do so much damage?
    • The investment looked canny as the market for gadgets and toys aimed at adults keeps growing.
    • I was a chubby kid who grew into an overweight adult.
    • Children who are overweight tend to grow up into adults who are overweight.
    • Sometimes a young adult who has grown up in a sheltered, relatively conservative environment finds him or herself ready to rebel the moment he or she leaves home.
    • Other children grow into young adults while in foster care and leave to live independently.
    • I had lost my best friend, the girl I had grown into an adult with.
    • Tickets are £5 for adults and £1 for children accompanied by an adult.
    • He hoped to spoil the youngsters and watch them grow up to become adults he could be proud of.
    • I believe we have to treat grown ups as adults, and everyone has to be free to make his or her own choices.
    • We share hopes and dreams for our kids and expect that we will be able to provide for them as they grow into adults.
    • In particular, low birthweight infants who grew to be heavy adults were at high risk of coronary heart disease.
    • Would it be better to treat children like adults while they are growing up?
    • It allows the child to grow into an adult who feels valued and competent, who can be emotionally attached to others and has empathy for them.
    • The years passed as the children grew into adults, left home and came home again when on holidays.
    • It's about two youths and the evolution of their relationship as they grow into adults.
    • As the surviving children grow up into adults, we must feel eternally grateful that they are here.


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    (physically mature)
    I've lived here all my adult life toda mi vida de adulto la he pasado aquí
    • It was a very great privilege to have been on such intimate terms with a wild creature, to have acted in loco parentis and watched him grow into a handsome adult bird.
    • The adult guinea-pig can grow to as much as 30 centimetres in length and 1200 grams in weight.
    • She grew a full set of baby teeth, lost them and grew a set of adult teeth in all that time.
    • The duck is growing his adult feathers and when I go out to feed him in the morning, he makes a terrible racket when I take his bowl away from him to fill it up.
    • When it falls off naturally, the adult tooth grows into the gap.
    • School bullies usually grow up to be adult bullies, so bullies need to be given zero tolerance.
    • In the 10 years since then, children's fare has grown more sophisticated and adult expectations have diminished, creating a space in the middle where they can all meet.
    • As the organizations sponsored an increasing number of dances, the number of youth and adult bands quickly grew.
    • It is assumed, in these contexts, that normal, fully developed adult human beings are responsible beings.
    • We must also help them to grow up and face adult responsibilities.
    • Now that Halloween has become a fully adult holiday, it is only fitting that we track down the essentials you'll need over this Halloween weekend.
    • With such a reliable food source, the adult populations can grow well above what would normally be possible, putting additional pressure on the ecosystem.
    • Hair grows quickest in young adult women 16 to 24 years old.
    • They take about two years to grow to full adult size.
    • Most animals are developmentally programmed to grow to a characteristic adult size.
    • The movie pay-per-view business may have a long way to go before it realizes its full potential, but the adult movie sub-sector is growing by leaps and bounds.
    • This audio book provides guidelines for every stage in the puppy raising process from adopting your puppy to watching them grow into healthy adult dogs.
    • Tissue and organs grown from adult stem cells would not be subject to the same rejection problems because they would be genetically identical to the cell donor.
    • When we were little, he was lanky and awkward - just starting to grow his adult teeth; I was short, bony and shy.
    • There are many adult gamers that grew up with Nintendo and still want to connect with the company that they associated so strongly with video gaming in their youth.
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    (approach/behavior) maduro
    (approach/behavior) adulto
    • So when you get something that is for a mature adult audience, it's sort of a relief.
    • There was something definitely more adult and mature about her best friend and for a moment, a feeling of intense resentment welled up within her.
    • Mature, adult comprehension can lead us all to see that there are some very intelligent and worthy of praise men out there.
    • It's a very mature, adult role, which to me, is what Norman is really like in person.
    • And he should be adult enough and mature enough and experienced enough to understand it.
    • This year they felt that the two young fellows got along very well and they felt that the older child was adult enough or mature enough to adequately supervise the boy.
    • Her idealization of her mate results in a one-sided relationship that doesn't seem to function on any mature, adult level.
    • He's resolutely adult, more mature and perhaps more cautious of the world.
    • On some rare occasions, Andrew would take his younger brother along for an adventure that to Aaron seemed very adult and mature.
    • ‘He is determined to turn his life around and deal with matters in a more responsible, mature and adult way,’ Mr Jones said.
    • A better man than me might have talked to her about it, might have resolved it in a mature, adult fashion.
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    (suitable for adults)
    the book may be too adult for a 12-year old el libro puede no ser apropiado para un niño de 12 años
  • 4eufemismo

    (sexually explicit)
    para mayores eufemismo
    para adultos eufemismo
    • This X-rated adult book concerns the battle between good and evil.
    • Well, not unless you are considering a career in the adult film industry, then I suppose it's perfectly acceptable course of action.
    • A lot of people derive enjoyment from watching adult films.
    • Somehow, George managed to interest the people who published Penthouse Magazine in a line of adult comic books produced on a handsome budget.
    • A couple of adult film producers based in California are being prosecuted in Pittsburgh by U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan.
    • He points out that mainstream films will only be given a rating such as PG or R, but will not be subject to approval by the board like adult sex films are.
    • We also assessed the availability of products that could be used as educational or therapeutic products, such as adult magazines, books, and videos.
    • It used to be that the studio producing an adult film would carry that information at their studio.
    • Dietz and Sears examined books, magazines, and films in adult bookstores in four cities.
    • It's not really an adult film, even though it has some slight sexual references, and some scenes involving drugs.
    • How many adult films, bookstores, magazines, or websites will remain for you to enjoy when such a law is enforced?
    • It turned out the lawyers were referring to dozens of adult magazines seized from his home.
    • The accounts will confirm the sale in March of Desmond's adult magazine stable.
    • The shop has been operating for more than three months, selling lingerie, adult toys and adult magazines, none of which requires a licence.
    • According to Hotel Secrets, 60 percent of in-room entertainment revenue comes from adult films.
    • The sunglasses must not merely be chosen, they must be selected in a process at least as involved as that of an eighteen-year-old selecting his first adult film at the local video shop.
    • They had one initially and the idea was that it would denote adult films that weren't in the realm of sex and exploitation.
    • They said they were interested in getting me involved in the adult film industry.
    • A former marine from Detroit, he had wanted to be a policeman, but instead drifted into adult films in the mid-Nineties.