Traducción de advance en Español:


avanzar, v.

Pronunciación /ədˈvɑːns//ədˈvæns/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(move forward)

      (troops/vehicle/person) avanzar
      to advance on sb avanzar hacia algn
      • old age is fast advancing on me los años se me están echando encima rápidamente
      • to advance on a city avanzar sobre una ciudad
      • Nikhil stood and advanced on her; she sat still, wondering what it was he was going to do.
      • Simba advanced on her and she began to scramble towards the door.
      • In the final minute of the match, veteran defender Shuan Dennis saved a certain goal as Darryl Duffy advanced on goal.
      • An attacker advanced on her while she stood unprotected, with nowhere to run.
      • Adam threw the harness he had been mending to the floor, stood up, and advanced on Joe.
      • He advanced on Sophia purposefully, then stopped.
      • Scores of officers were involved in the operation and it is believed the man advanced on officers, ignoring warnings to stop, when he was shot.
      • One of the burly men went up towards the crowd while the rest advanced on Miguel.
      • The supporters appeared to listen briefly, but when the match officials headed towards the exit and the crowd advanced on them, the police stepped in.
      • Jean Delsarte's father was the head of a textile factory in Fourmies but in 1914 the German armies advanced on the town and Jean left his home town with all the family, except his father, and fled to safety.
      • He stood up aggressively from the sofa and advanced on her.
      • She stood and advanced on the murderer of her friend.
      • With perfect balance, she advanced on Aslyn in three long strides.
      • ‘No,’ Isabelle shook her head as she advanced on the chair's occupant.
      • They advanced on her, but stopped dead in their tracks.
      • Kady lost no time in planting herself and the flag in the front of the Rhode Island line where she could shout encouragement to the boys as they advanced on the Rebels.
      • As we advanced on the village of Guiry a runner came up and told us that the Armistice would be signed at eleven o'clock that day, November 11.
      • As the allied troops advanced on Paris in March 1814, Daumesnil stood ready to defend his fortress, his city, and his Emperor.
      • Mazzini had not allowed Garibaldi to press home his advantage against the French, and, early in June, Oudinot, strengthened by reinforcements, again advanced on the city.
      • The old man stood, and Cale gave ground as the other advanced on him.

    • 1.2advancing pres p

      a man of advancing years un hombre entrado en años / de edad avanzada

  • 2

    • 2.1(make progress)

      (science/project/society) avanzar
      (science/project/society) progresar
      • Psychiatrists and others trained in dynamic therapy are well positioned to meet this challenge and to advance our knowledge of the treatment of personality disorder.
      • Genetic interventions that accelerate or retard aging in mice are crucial in advancing our knowledge over mammalian aging.
      • But Lawrence's distinction breaks down in the end, for the telling of tales is also a way that the teller advances his own knowledge of the world.
      • Only several years later did I realize the important role he played in advancing historical knowledge and interpretation.
      • Surely, a division of labor is essential if we are to advance the frontiers of knowledge; we need technical experts focused on specific fields of investigation.
      • We will not examine the forms of the Greek letters themselves, but it is certainly worth stressing how important this form of writing was to be in advancing knowledge.
      • The challenges are not insurmountable, and researchers have done good descriptive work that has advanced knowledge to this point.
      • But to advance our knowledge such views need to be supported by rigorous analytical reasoning and the dispassionate gathering of cases and data.
      • It might contain taxonomic or classificatory work, which is worthwhile but not driven by the desire either to advance knowledge or to develop practical solutions.
      • From the position of academics it has advanced our knowledge; whether it is useful to the Committee is for them to decide.
      • He inspired a younger generation of scholars to take the same measured approach to the problem of remaining faithful to the Church while advancing new knowledge.
      • Space exploration and exploitation is a major driving force in advancing the frontiers of knowledge.
      • It might therefore seem clear, whatever else is the case, that Descartes conceives of knowledge as advancing truth.
      • Hm, so you're saying that people are greedy and will do horrible things to advance their own wealth and power?
      • For many academics the recognition they gain by advancing knowledge in their field is sufficient.
      • It advanced the knowledge of how to design composite tanks to hold cryogenic fluids.
      • Discourse is necessary for advancing knowledge.
      • I am a firm believer in sound science, and I believe that the shuttle mission has played a crucial role in advancing our knowledge of the universe we live in.
      • The Defence of Britain project has not only advanced our knowledge, but has also underpinned the conservation of 20th century defensive sites.
      • These ventures are very important in advancing our knowledge about ourselves and others.

    • 2.2(be promoted)

      (worker/soldier) ascender

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (move forward)
    (troops/tanks) avanzar
    (troops/tanks) adelantar
  • 2

    (awareness/knowledge) fomentar
    (knowledge/awareness) potenciar
    (interests/cause) promover
  • 3formal

    (employee) ascender
  • 4

    (idea/argument) presentar
    (argument/idea) proponer
    (proposal) presentar
    (opinion) dar
    the solutions advanced by socialists las soluciones que proponen los socialistas
  • 5

    (bring forward in time)
    (date/clock/meeting) adelantar
  • 6

    (wages/money) anticipar
    (money/wages) adelantar
    to advance sb sth anticiparle / adelantarle algo a algn


  • 1

    (forward movement)
    (of person, army, vehicle) avance masculino
    (of time) paso masculino
    with the advance of old age a medida que envejece (/ envejecía etc. )
  • 2

    (of civilization, science, knowledge)
    avance masculino
    progreso masculino
    adelanto masculino
    a great advance in technology un gran avance tecnológico
    • a huge advance on previous techniques un gran avance con respecto a las técnicas anteriores
    • any advance on (that offer of) $100? ¿alguien da / ofrece más de 100 dólares?
  • 3advances pl

    (feminine plural) insinuaciones
    to make advances to sb hacerle insinuaciones a algn
  • 4

    (early payment)
    anticipo masculino
    adelanto masculino
    advance on sth
    • they gave me an advance of £100 on my salary me dieron un adelanto / anticipo de 100 libras a cuenta del sueldo
  • 5

    préstamo masculino
  • 6

    in advance
    • to pay in advance pagar por adelantado / por anticipado
    • tickets are $10 in advance las entradas cuestan 10 dólares si se compran por adelantado
    • it was planned well in advance se planeó con mucha antelación / anticipación
    • I made my appointment one month in advance concerté mi cita con un mes de antelación
    • thanking you in advance agradeciéndole de antemano su atención
    • I sent my books in advance mandé antes los libros
    • in advance of
    • I arrived well in advance of my friends llegué mucho antes que mis amigos
    • they were one mile in advance of the enemy estaban una milla por delante del enemigo
    • a woman in advance of her time una mujer de ideas muy avanzadas para su época


  • 1

    (ahead of time)
    the advance publicity for a product la promoción previa al lanzamiento de un producto
    • advance booking is essential es imprescindible hacer la reserva por anticipado / con anticipación
    • advance booking office venta anticipada de localidades
    • advance copy ejemplar de anticipo
    • advance notice preaviso
    • they arrived without any advance warning / notice llegaron de improviso / sin previo aviso
    • advance payment pago anticipado / (por) adelantado
  • 2

    (ahead in space)
    an advance party of troops/explorers una avanzada / avanzadilla de tropas/exploradores
    • advance man relaciones públicas
    • advance man / agent agente