Traducción de advisory en Español:


consultivo, adj.

Pronunciación /ədˈvʌɪz(ə)ri//ədˈvaɪzəri/


  • 1

    (body/board/service) consultivo
    in an advisory capacity en calidad de asesor
    • The advisory body is expected to issue guidance on the cost effectiveness of the treatment by the end of the year.
    • It is an advisory body representing various sectional or functional interests.
    • Many people expected the agency to follow the recommendation of its advisory committee, which is its usual practice.
    • An independent advisory body of technical experts in health and development should guide its funding decisions.
    • The Minister has the power, and the new guardians fulfil an advisory capacity only.
    • Last in the chain is the advisory body, the National Security Advisory Board.
    • Furthermore, the council was a purely advisory body and had no powers to legislate.
    • It was hoped that he could be persuaded to wait on the committee in an advisory capacity.
    • The agency and the Scottish executive are set to work much more closely with industry through a new advisory body.
    • Nevertheless, this advisory body was not provided with the power to effectively enforce recommendations.
    • The ministerial advisory committee must consult the public - that is a very strict requirement.
    • He has chaired the council - an advisory body to the National Assembly - for the past 11 years.
    • There was also a ten-member Consultative Council, an advisory body.
    • In addition, to maintain credibility as a scientific advisory body, the council needs to speak with one voice.
    • The inquiry's powers are entirely advisory and its purview has been defined by the Tory government itself.
    • The measures stress that the council will be strictly an advisory body, with no executive powers.
    • We do have an advisory body, but what we need is more active coordination and regulation, " he stated.
    • It is likely that the advisory committee will adopt recommendations on the subject this fall.
    • There is bound to be an ethical uproar when the advisory body reports its recommendations.
    • A Yorkshire assembly would have mainly advisory and planning powers.