Traducción de aerobic en Español:


aerobio, adj.

Pronunciación /ɛˈroʊbɪk//ɛːˈrəʊbɪk//əˈroʊbɪk/


  • 1

    • The importance of free fatty acids in aerobic metabolism is best shown in cardiac muscle.
    • In this way, the plant can resume aerobic metabolic activity required for long-term survival.
    • White blood cells have respiratory enzymes for aerobic metabolism, and others suited to their particular functions.
    • Humans use a form of cellular respiration requiring oxygen which is called aerobic respiration.
    • Plants, as other aerobic organisms, require oxygen for the efficient production of energy.
  • 2

    (exercise) aeróbico
    • Rubin also strongly urges all dieters not to do any aerobic exercise, as it harms the body's immune response.
    • Weight training and aerobic exercise are important for improving body composition.
    • You now know about the health benefits of aerobic exercise and how it affects your body.
    • Some military and almost every civilian gym will have an aerobic or group exercise timetable.
    • There was a time in your life when you didn't even realize what you were doing was called aerobic or cardio exercise.
    • The provider may recommend that the pregnant woman cut back on her activities and avoid aerobic exercise.
    • Both aerobic exercise and interval training promote cardiovascular fitness.
    • There is evidence to suggest that aerobic exercise can improve some aspects of a person's quality of life.
    • Another issue primarily dealt with by cardio / aerobic training has been the problem of body fat.
    • People in a residential colony are encouraged to take up group activity such as walking or jogging or aerobic exercises.
    • Any form of exercise is harmful in excess, but aerobic activity has known cardiovascular benefits.
    • The class includes general aerobic exercise, step aerobics and pelvic floor exercises.
    • For a fit and healthy cardiovascular system, aerobic training should be performed three to four times a week.
    • To get maximum results, include both weight training and aerobic exercise in your routine.
    • The intensity of exercise is the primary factor in maintaining or improving aerobic power.
    • An aerobic exercise program will help improve the blood flow to the tendon and bursa.
    • Pace yourself using a mix of dance classes, weight training, and aerobic exercise.
    • The bottom line is, even if you work out every day, aerobic exercise can only take the body so far.
    • The classes start with a short aerobic exercise to warm up the body before a 20 minute session on the poles.
    • Some aerobic activity will warm the muscles up and get them ready to stretch.