Traducción de aesthetic en Español:


estético, adj.

(US esthetic)

Pronunciación /iːsˈθɛtɪk//ɛsˈθɛdɪk//ɛsˈθɛtɪk/


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    • But beyond that there is an aspect that connects our aesthetic appreciation to that of Nature itself.
    • The art on the walls was contemporary and unusual, creating an ambience of aesthetic appreciation.
    • Does knowing this information contribute to an esthetic appreciation of the photograph?
    • It is also deeply involved in our aesthetic appreciation of the world around us, and there are many examples to draw on.
    • New York's film-making community shares the aesthetic appreciation.
    • This year the Scottish Executive appointed him captain of culture to teach the public some aesthetic appreciation.
    • Women also appreciate the aesthetic value of a knife and may choose to combine function with beauty.
    • Kashmir's contribution to the Indian thought has been of immense artistic, esoteric and aesthetic value.
    • We should strive to appreciate the aesthetic value of our names.
    • In this period, they occupied very much the center of aesthetic appreciation and social value.
    • At least with the monument, aesthetic appreciation justifies a lack of content.
    • There's an esthetic appreciation but no emotional context.
    • There is a disquieting aesthetic beauty and grace found in the war dead.
    • Second, there is a need to sensitize the students about the esthetic value of ethnic literary pieces.
    • This aesthetic appreciation extends to previous writers on the subject.
    • There are two traditional views concerning what constitutes aesthetic values.
    • They might be an expression of aesthetic appreciation, or they might be applied as part of a knowledge system.
    • As for esthetic value, I would bet on the architect whose project reflects enduring human values in architecture.
    • Both terms were applied in all the arts in a neutral sense with no necessary implication for beauty or aesthetic value.
    • That may be partly true but it does not detract from a thorough aesthetic appreciation of his works.