Traducción de air kiss en Español:

air kiss

beso al aire, n.



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    beso al aire masculino
    • At the end of the meal, she gave them each a signed copy of ‘Passion’, squealed and planted air kisses on their cheeks.
    • While Grace retrieved her last suitcase, I greeted Roxanne and Kelsie with hugs and air kisses.
    • ‘I could not refuse such an invitation,’ Aimée said with a smile and greeted the girl with an air kiss to each cheek figuring Emily knew the French ways.
    • I don't remember saying a thing, only monosyllables, till Mrs. Lawrence gave me an air kiss and walked away.
    • Since you won't allow me to kiss you, I'll just have to be content with air kisses, so here's one.
    • Whatever you do, when dealing with hairstyle copycats, always remember to smile sweetly and throw lots of air kisses.
    • She stands up as I approach. ‘Hello dar-ling,’ she prominently announces so the whole restaurant can hear, next she expertly does the Hollywood kiss thing of an air kiss on each cheek.
    • We said goodbye, and he blew me his trademark exaggerated air kiss.
    • I followed Charlie across the room, having to make several stops that required us to make air kisses and comment on the weather.
    • Everybody seems to be busy leading their own lives, and nobody seems to have time for much more than superficial air kisses.
    • Rising from her seat, Ally presses her cheek to Dawn's, effectively giving her an air kiss.
    • There is no false air kiss when we're introduced, more a nod of recognition that we've both got a job to do.
    • The air was filled with the sounds of air kisses, ‘Mwaagh’ and ‘Daahling’.
    • People were dispersing, and air kisses being exchanged.
    • Madison and I exchanged air kisses and then she left for her date.
    • Marguerite Norton stood to her right, conferring air kisses and compliments.
    • Cynthia was waiting outside of the piercing parlor when we arrived and she greeted us both with an air kiss and then led us inside.
    • The woman bent down and exchanged one of those condescending air kisses with Logan's mother.
    • Renée spied her across the runway and quickly crossed to her for the prerequisite double-cheek air kiss.
    • Melanie squealed as she rushed over to give Madeline an air kiss on the cheek, ‘I'm so glad you made it, and I must add that that outfit is to die for!’