Traducción de air support en Español:

air support

apoyo aéreo, n.


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    apoyo aéreo masculino
    • A helicopter hovers overhead, a bit of air support for the ground troops.
    • Close air support from loitering bombers over the area of operations also proved noteworthy.
    • Without the ability to see friendly and enemy troops on the ground, such air support is almost meaningless.
    • Coalition ground forces wanted air support to take out harassing enemy artillery.
    • The Air Force objected to the Army having such a capability because tactical air support was the role of the Air Force.
    • One of the strongest points of this book is the portrayal of Mitchell's early commitment to air support for the ground battle.
    • The center also plans, directs and controls the sorties that provide troops with a constant tactical air support.
    • They were supplied with weapons and air support from helicopter gunships and bombers.
    • Their job is to control close air support and attack sorties and provide weather information.
    • It started small: first as reconnaissance and then as support to ground operations in the form of close air support.
    • However, the ultimate success of the Australian Army depended on Allied air support.
    • The unit has the only hardened bunker air support operations center in the Air Force.
    • Before they arrived in the country, carrier-based aircraft and others provided air support.
    • Aircraft and especially close air support might operate much more effectively then.
    • Intermittent rain and high winds were hampering clean-up operations and threatening to ground air support.
    • Modern ground forces use aircraft in traditional close air support roles.
    • Coalition forces provided air support to drive off the militants.
    • Their main job is providing close air support to ground forces in the field.
    • The army often supplies air support for militia operations.
    • A very large maneuver area, a lot of air support and ground fire combined together on these exercises.