Traducción de alexandrine en Español:


alejandrino, n.

Pronunciación /ˌalɪɡˈzɑːndrʌɪn//ˌæləɡˈzænˌdraɪn//ˌalɪɡˈzɑːndrɪn//ˌæləɡˈzændrən/


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    alejandrino masculino
    • Julius Caesar, which Voltaire reworked in alexandrines, amplifies the patriotic and republican spirit of the Roman Emperor.
    • Queneau's Petite Cosmogonie portative, for example, is treated as an example of an Oulipian text although it predates the Oulipo, because it is written in alexandrines.
    • Valery adheres to a rhythm of alexandrines in stanza five, yet the lines do not progress in an even manner.
    • The chief of the romances concerning him are the great French Roman d' Alexandre of the 12th century, of some 20,000 alexandrines, and the English King Alisaunder of the early 14th century, 8,000 octosyllabic verses.
    • Bénabou's list has 260 alexandrines, each one divided into hemistichs and printed in two columns.