Traducción de alignment en Español:


alineación, n.

Pronunciación /əˈlaɪnmənt//əˈlʌɪnm(ə)nt/


  • 1

    alineación femenino
    to be out of/in alignment no estar/estar alineado
    • wheel alignment alineación de las ruedas
    • The place where we went most often was Carnac, on the South coast of Brittany, a little town famous for its stunning prehistoric menhir alignments.
    • We can see this important change at Nosterfield Quarry, immediately to the north, where Bronze Age field ditches and single pit alignments were discovered.
    • Processions and alignments were important in henges and stone circles.
    • Two as yet undated alignments of timber posts found near Brancaster could be Anglo-Saxon fish-traps, similar to examples found in the Blackwater estuary in Essex.
    • An east-west oriented alignment of stones, situated outside the dwelling in front of the entrance, could be the remains of a windscreen.
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    alineamiento masculino
    alignment with sb/sth alineamiento con algn/algo
    • Political alignments would shift, the military would reassert itself, and the country face international isolation.
    • In these circumstances Muslims have to anticipate and judge political alignments that are likely to take place in near future.
    • The old political alignments are going to give way to new ones.
    • While a united Korea's chosen alliances and alignments might matter greatly to the powers of the Pacific, they would probably not constitute a casus belli.
    • However, to Bengio and Ozcan this relationship is not an alliance, but an alignment.
    • This is not how voters perceive political alignments, at least not in modern times.
    • There is no clear picture of future political alignments right now.
    • A few of them have even reconsidered their political alignment and are interested in joining up with the Ontario Party.
    • But the scale of the leap is very large indeed and the political alignments do not yet vindicate Mr Kennedy's new-found confidence in his vision.
    • It sometimes disturbed alliances and alignments, base agreements or trade arrangements, and friendly relations generally.
    • The biggest post-election challenge is rebuilding the social justice agenda and its support base while reassessing political alignments.
    • We are back rather in the chequered circumstances of the seventies, in which there was no clear pattern of domestic political alignments in the group.
    • Rick Pass has raised a fascinating question about whether we're seeing a fundamental shift in Australia's political alignments.
    • In those elections, the Labour Party shrank again, in spite of its alignment with several liberal-centre political groups.
    • Election returns show that political alignments around social issues have shifted much less than their rhetoric would suggest.
    • This outlook cuts across traditional sociological and political alignments.
    • In such a situation there has been little room for any clear, simple alignment along the lines of one or two ideologies which could decisively change the country's direction.
    • As the controversies over dispensation of the western territories grew unavoidable, so the Jacksonian political alignments crumbled.
    • I note that there is almost an alignment with that position from those such as the association.
    • Yesterday was a joyful day for anyone whose political alignments weren't causing them indigestion over what they were having to digest.
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    alineamiento masculino