Traducción de all over en Español:

all over


  • 1

    I've been looking for you all over te he estado buscando por todas partes
    • people come from all over viene gente de todas partes
  • 2

    (in every respect)
    that's her all over es muy típico de ella
    • he's his father all over es igualito a su padre en todo
  • 3

    (over entire extent)
    it had stains all over estaba todo manchado


  • 1

    it has an all-over pattern el motivo cubre toda la superficie
    • an all-over tan un bronceado integral
    • By the time you've had an all-over aromatherapy massage, a hyrdotherapy treatment or two and a pedicure and manicure, you'll be too blissed out to move, never mind dress for dinner.
    • Follow your aerobic exercise with ten minutes of squats, press-ups, sit-ups and back extensions for a quick all-over basic workout.
    • She applied warm lowlights where the grey was most obvious, then an all-over gloss to enhance my new auburn colouring.
    • Women tend to lose their hair in an all-over thinning pattern, while men tend to experience a receding hairline and general balding over the crown and temples.
    • The black and red colour mix signals the return of a style of dressing that has been forgotten in recent seasons: the use of black or neutrals offset by smaller areas of colour, as opposed to total, all-over colour saturation.
    • Its all-over easy listening holds your attention each time, providing you with something new to discover - you will listen to this album again and again.
    • The easiest way to have all-over healthy skin is to get enough sleep.
    • Stencils, rather than hand-painting, worked much better for creating an all-over pattern on the sculptures.
    • Was she the one who gave you such a nice all-over tan?
    • I still feel lousy, but at least my head's stopped banging and the all-over body aching and shivers have subsided a bit (for now, anyway).
    • At first each colour was in separate small cells, then in larger fields containing different colours juxtaposed and finally the whole surface was enamelled in all-over patterns including millefiori.
    • Whether or not you liked her voice - and there were some, believe it or not, for whom that remarkably raw vocal was more painful than an all-over sandpaper massage - there was certainly no ignoring it.
    • As it turns out, I've recently been fighting shy of the hairdresser's all-over clipper attack, and as my hair has grown a little longer I've discovered something that puts every Bad Hair Day I've ever suffered in the shade.
    • We envisioned an all-over warm, cozy, casual dinner, so we jazzed up our table with some simple crafty touches in silver, gold and red.
    • The long sandy sweeps of the French Riviera offer themselves up entirely, submissively, to Mediterranean beach culture, with its parasols, its all-over tans, its boring, endless games of beach tennis.
    • Is it okay for men to have all-over body waxes?
    • And did you get metallic black with a black roof (which I think would look cool, but doesn't seem to be an option) or is it all-over metallic black?
    • My experience with naturopaths is that they seem to have more time to discuss related and all-over health issues than some of the medical doctors I've been to.
    • The solution in the airbrush contains self-tanner, bronzer and a moisturizer, and results in a perfectly even all-over tan.
    • Use this all-over body scrub before bathing to deep-cleanse and loosen surface impurities.