Traducción de allied en Español:


Pronunciación /əˈlʌɪd//ˈælˌaɪd//əˈlaɪd//ˈalʌɪd/


  • 1

    allied with / to sth unido / sumado a algo
    • innate ability allied with diligence la habilidad innata unida / sumada a la aplicación
    • In the office context, that was anger that we, in our professional capacity, are being attached to a cause that we should not be seen to be allied with.
    • So much of what we do is very closely allied with continental Europe.
    • But consumerism is a world language and, allied with representative democracy, it is the way of the world.
    • It was even more interesting now; the lentils had allied with the onions and were battling the celery.
    • That allied with the parking laws meant people could not do business in the area.
    • At all levels, cunning teachers allied with overbearing students.
    • The United States remained neutral and the Soviet Union was still allied with Hitler.
    • The stop, allied with the opening goal, was the perfect way to settle the nerves and bolster confidence throughout the team.
    • That is why there needs to be a system of rigorous and robust inspections allied with heavy sanctions to enforce minimum standards.
    • The truck drivers also have to face gangsters who are allied with the military.
    • The bounty was intended for the Duke of Savoy, a bribe to keep him allied with England in its war against Louis XIV.
    • This infuriated some institutional shareholders and they allied with Walt Disney's nephew, who wanted to get rid of Eisner.
    • Solidarity meant that Morocco had to act in accordance with all the other Arab countries it allied with.
    • His natural confidence is allied with a realistic caution about his progress.
    • The local tribesmen allied with him put up fierce resistance.
    • Craig's qualities of charm and decency have been allied with just enough success on the field to keep the fans happy.
    • The Democrats and groups allied with them have been quicker to use this vehicle.
    • All that means is, they're allied with Khrushchev instead of with the ghost of Stalin.
    • The power bases are amorphous and scattered; with constantly shifting alliances no one knows which group is allied with which.
    • He was allied with Clinton in the whole Monica Lewinsky controversy, a key Democrat in Washington.
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    • 2.1

      (groups/nations) aliado
      allied with / to sb aliado a/con algn
      • their interests are closely allied to ours sus intereses están fuertemente ligados a los nuestros
      • We all know we're way short of the number of doctors and allied health professionals we need.
      • On the one hand it is good for the manufacturing industry and other allied industries like advertising and marketing.
      • It presents an ideal opportunity to enhance the public image of the chemical and allied industries.
      • In the 20th century, aircraft and motor vehicles came to the fore along with numerous allied industries.
      • Unlike medicine and allied professions, psychotherapy has established itself primarily outside the state sector.

    • 2.2Allied(of the Allies)

      • The Allied capture of the port of Cherbourg at the end of June set the stage for the American break-out at St. Lô on 25 July.
      • In World War II they served as a major Allied base.
      • In February 1944 Ike was newly assigned as Supreme Allied Commander.
      • It was an Allied victory but Britain had nearly exhausted its supply of men and the Americans had expended hundreds of thousands of lives.
      • Eisenhower was given the title Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces.
      • In France and Britain many reckoned Soviet cooperation to be essential to the success of an Allied war effort against Nazi Germany.
      • The Allied offensive began in early December 1944.
      • With each Allied success, Kruk asked if it was good or bad for the Jews.
      • There, it was hoped, he would help rally French forces to the Allied cause in North Africa.
      • Peter actually was an Allied spy in Rome during World War II.
      • Allied forces began the liberation of Europe from Nazi tyranny with the D-Day landings in Normandy, France.
      • Clooney is set to play an American journalist who is sent to Berlin after World War Two ends in order to cover an Allied conference that will decide the future of Germany.
      • From Tirlemont to Dunkirk, I could see no Allied planes.
      • In these pages the grim reality of life as an Allied POW in the dying clutches of Nazi Germany is laid bare.
      • The start of the Allied attack on Rommel was code-named ‘Operation Lightfoot’.
      • In December 1943, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower was named Supreme Allied Commander.
      • The two of them met at the Nuremberg trials, where my mother was an Allied stenographer.
      • After the war, Greece took part in the Allied occupation of Turkey, where many Greeks still lived.
      • Prior to their withdrawal, anticipating an Allied airborne invasion, the Nazis heavily mined the area.
      • The events of Yuri's Revenge come on the heels of the Allied victory over the Soviets.

  • 3

    (subjects/industries) relacionado
    (industries/subjects) afín
    to be allied to sth ser afín a algo