Traducción de always en Español:


siempre, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈɔːlweɪz//ˈɔːlweɪz//ˈɔlˌweɪz/


  • 1

    (at all times, invariably)
    they almost / nearly always win casi siempre ganan
    • the method doesn't always work el método no siempre funciona
    • we're going to Italy, always supposing we have enough money vamos a ir a Italia, siempre y cuando nos alcance el dinero
    • he's always shouting/bossing people around siempre está gritando/dando órdenes
    • I'm always banging my head on that beam siempre me doy con la cabeza contra esa viga
    • This annual dinner for the committee and their friends is always an enjoyable occasion.
    • Did you ever notice that they always seem to want to have the last word on an argument?
    • It is always an honour to rise at the start of a parliamentary session and make a speech.
    • In the good times the chief executive's pay always seems to rise at a faster rate than earnings.
    • Traffic problems should not be allowed spoil what is always a truly great occasion.
    • It's as if the contestants really are in an enchanted land, one where the sun always shines.
    • The sun always shines on this side of the hills but the beech trees give lots of shade.
    • It saddens me that no matter how much he does that is good and positive, his past is always thrown in his face.
    • I suppose some would call it a woman's book which always sounds a bit derogatory to me.
    • Then there was the obligatory annoying kid that you always get in these movies.
    • War should in any case always be a last resort in settling an international conflict.
    • Life is blissful where the sun always shines and the money keeps rolling in.
    • Time is always available for politicians to endlessly repeat their deceptive claims, however.
    • There's something that always seems to be missed when talking about re-design.
    • Before there was always something missing that prevented the analogy from being complete.
    • We, as a nation, are always complaining of staff shortages in these establishments.
    • In her memory, the sun was always shining, the air warm, though it was really late fall.
    • Because of the astronomical position of Mercury, it is always close to the Sun.
    • On these occasions he always professed his innocence of the murder, although he knew who did it.
    • You simply cannot move the country forward if you are always focused on the past.
    • It was a pretty close vote but it shows that quality will always rise to the top.
    • This is always a lovely community occasion and a large attendance is anticipated.
    • Remember those days and evenings when the sun always shone and cricket was the only game in town?
    • They fly in low, up to two dozen pairs at a time, always along the edge closest to the sun and always facing into the wind.
    • For any Christian the resort to arms must always be the very last resort.
    • Over the years it seemed to become a household name and the event is always an occasion to look forward to.
    • While this is all good and well there is something that we always miss out on.
    • And the staff are always at the end of a telephone to provide additional support.
    • Occupying powers always resort to such methods to subdue resistance to their rule.
    • His greatest problem has always been that they inevitably prove to be incompatible.
    • They are always referring to my past, but honestly I never think about that night in Munich any more.
    • No matter what time of the day or night you go through, everyone's always honking their horn.
    • Most probably, but consistency has always been our bugbear so we must wait and see.
    • The defeat he always insisted was inevitable has come and gone and cost Celtic nothing.
    • I loved Halloween but the costume selection part of it was always the most annoying.
    • In the run up to special occasions, I always buy a large Stilton and stand it on a dish in the fridge.
    • It always amazes me when people seem to take forever to get things like domain names, or company formations.
    • Liam had always been the annoying kid next door who my mother constantly nagged me to be nice to.
    • As usual a request would crop up for a song from Johnny Kelly and always there had to be a repeat.
    • The rations handed out to the poor are always missing one or two items.
  • 2

    en todo caso
    we can always come back tomorrow siempre / en todo caso podemos volver mañana
    • you could always wear your black dress siempre / en último caso podrías ponerte el vestido negro
    • Failing that, they can always use some insulating tape and chewing gum to hold the spaghetti together.
    • I think separation seems a bit more straightforward than a divorce and we can always get one at a later stage.
    • As a last resort you could always throw out the computer, but could you survive without eBay?
    • Failing this there is always the marvellous views of the French Alps to look forward to.
    • Failing that, inside the house there is always at least one space we turn to by way of retreat.
    • If things don't work out, you can always go to law school.
    • Whatever the future holds, Strasser will always have his high-profile past to relish.