Traducción de ambassador-at-large en Español:


embajador extraordinario, n.

Pronunciación /æmˈbæsədərətˌlɑrdʒ//amˈbasədərətˌlɑːdʒ/

nombrePlural ambassadors-at-large

  • 1

    (in US)
    embajador extraordinario masculino
    embajadora extraordinaria femenino
    • He championed human rights issues, was appointed ambassador-at-large by President Jimmy Carter, and worked tirelessly as an advocate before his death in 1990.
    • The building is named after Daniel J. Terra, the U.S. ambassador-at-large for cultural affairs during the Reagan administration.
    • Hakim has become Indonesia's cultural ambassador-at-large, nurturing young talent and introducing producers and actors to international backers.
    • He's ambassador-at-large for war crimes issues at the State Department.
    • In his declining years, Carnegie served as a kind of ambassador-at-large for world peace.