Traducción de ambiguous en Español:


ambiguo, adj.

Pronunciación /amˈbɪɡjʊəs//æmˈbɪɡjuəs/


  • 1

    • They considered the Act to be ambiguous and open to interpretation on this point.
    • He gives an ambiguous answer to his initial question.
    • But what elevates the novel beyond the genre is the ambiguous, enigmatic voice of Mary herself.
    • Mr Sumption says, if necessary, that in the present case the phraseology is both obscure and ambiguous.
    • For the record, I say to the House this law is ambiguous in terms of its interpretation.
    • The very nature of his removal remains for the moment ambiguous.
    • Once more, the evidence is ambiguous and interpretations have become polarized.
    • However, do not be fooled by this statement; it is ambiguous and misleading.
    • The motivating fictional element is a subversive or ambiguous move.
    • Much of the report is hard to read and contains many ambiguous or misleading statements.
    • Had it been seen abstracted from that context by the US public, there would have been a more ambiguous reaction.
    • The Constitution is an ambiguous document open to interpretation by all.
    • This can result in obscurity or in a ruling which is ambiguous on matters of importance.
    • Others are more enigmatic and ambiguous in both their origins and meanings.
    • Agreeing with a set of vague and ambiguous statements makes you dogmatic?
    • I seem to remember the novel being a bit more ambiguous than that.
    • Either way, you just can't be quoted saying such amazingly ambiguous statements.
    • It is inherent in their task which involves applying rules stated in words that are often ambiguous.
    • His remarks were ambiguous, and it will be the tone that matters.
    • But even this latter assertion is somewhat uncertain and ambiguous for several reasons.