Traducción de anachronism en Español:


anacronismo, n.

Pronunciación /əˈnækrəˌnɪzəm//əˈnakrəˌnɪz(ə)m/


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    anacronismo masculino
    • But if these historic anachronisms are to survive beyond the very short term they must quickly find a social role and shed the haughty isolationism which has shielded them from commercial realities.
    • All modern radiators have been removed and replaced, while fresh paint has been applied to mask any anachronisms which do not fit in with the historic surroundings.
    • The world tends to look at such women today as anti-feminist anachronisms, naïve traitors to the cause of womankind, setting back the march of the liberated by their very existence.
    • I loved being around him, I loved feeling his presence in the house, I loved his self-assured nature, and his quirky anachronisms.
    • Officially, Russia seeks to lure tourists to its charms, which range from its rich cultural history to the anachronisms which are peculiarly its own, like Lenin's mausoleum, still faithfully guarded on Red Square.
    • It's the knee-jerk caricature of American generals as intolerant anachronisms.
    • It's cautious about its voice (although there are occasional weird stylistic anachronisms, which may be deliberate, but also, rather depressingly, may not be), anxious not to overstep its own mark.
    • These groups would be at risk of becoming mere anecdotes; anachronisms of a bygone time and a lifestyle that is passing.
    • Still, much of that probably stems from the dialogue, which is full of jarring shifts between period-speak and anachronisms.
    • There were plenty of in-jokes, parodies of scenes from other films and background anachronisms to keep the viewer busy; a tactic which will no doubt generate repeat business and, eventually, DVD sales.
    • In the smaller courts in particular, where the painter was free to indulge his fights of fancy, anachronisms and incongruities abound.
    • Even if all the anachronisms, like the electric table lamp and fan in the study of Dostoevsky or cigar lighters or costumes of characters were overlooked, there still remained hitches.
    • The film wears all its anachronisms on its sleeve and evades any of the empty solemnity that is often associated with tales of love and sword fights.
    • After a day spent in dress rehearsal for a war that doesn't seem to be happening, the boys head to the local dance club looking like ludicrous anachronisms in their white Foreign Legion caps.
    • When a character in a novel set in the 15th century uses a word, ‘taboo,’ that did not enter any European language until the 18th century, the attentive reader begins to look for anachronisms.
    • In the age of the internet, to bodily drag yourself into offices that are fast becoming expensive anachronisms does seem a little perverse, while the advantages of telecommuting are enormous.
    • The politicians as we know them are already anachronisms.
    • With Montreal booming through the '60s, the narrow streets and old apartments - so coveted today - were considered anachronisms and health hazards.
    • The organizations that control these networks are limping anachronisms that are constrained by the expense and physical necessity of using wires to build their networks.
    • Furthermore, the presence of bizarre anachronisms undermines the historical value of the picture.