Traducción de analogy en Español:


analogía, n.

Pronunciación /əˈnalədʒi//əˈnælədʒi/

nombrePlural analogies

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    analogía femenino
    to draw an analogy with sth establecer una analogía con algo
    • the texts show analogies with … los textos presentan analogías con …
    • to argue by / from analogy razonar por analogía
    • It is little wonder that this week, some Bulgarians began to quip about the analogy between the game and the challenges lying ahead of the Stanishev Cabinet.
    • With the aforementioned reasons, the analogy between Aceh and the southern provinces of Thailand is way off the mark and not based on complete facts.
    • The steering wheel isn't the only possible basis for Cowan's analogy.
    • There is a limited analogy between the relation of theology to religious discourse and the relation of logic to language.
    • He was always falling in love, and I want to see an analogy between his falling in love so desperately, so intensely, and his fascination with tigers.
    • Another illustration that he gives is an analogy between words and pieces in a chess game.
    • Coleman drew an analogy between Cheney and my favorite historical figure, Ulysses Grant.
    • Victor Davis Hanson makes an analogy between where we are now and where Lincoln was in 1864, as his first presidential term was ending.
    • However, I'm also reminded of an analogy between blogs and old-style soapbox speakers in City parks.
    • So what are we doing here; drawing an analogy between the power-law curve of small-campaign news coverage and of small-weblog traffic?
    • The analogy between Russia on the eve of the Bolshevik Revolution and the 1997/98 situation was also popular with many political scientists.
    • In other words, the roller-coaster analogy is limited, and these limitations may weaken Pinedo's account.
    • One might draw an analogy between Johnson's approach and President Bush's reliance on faith-based initiatives.
    • The left is always throwing that word around and, like the Bush / Hitler analogy, it really shows an ignorance of history.
    • To the extent that there is any analogy between Moveon and anything that happened half a century ago, the analogy should be to organized labor more generally.
    • A friend of mine takes the moral analogy between the aftermath of the Civil War and the current situation in Iraq one step further.
    • Between the taboo of ‘eating the dead’ and that of eating domestic animals, the analogy between relatives and animals is clear.
    • By analogy with the rock and the feather, think of a heavy warhead and a very light balloon that is inflated in the shape of a warhead; they would also travel along together in space.
    • Even so, a rough analogy between the two periods is possible.
    • The analogy between outlawing gay marriage and interracial marriage won't withstand scrutiny.