Traducción de analyse en Español:


verbo transitivo


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    • The supermarket came by its results by analysing the sale of romantic products - flowers, chocolate and champagne - for all its stores across the region.
    • I don't analyse visitor statistics in detail, just a one line summary each day, so I've no way of telling who was the two-millionth visitor.
    • It was essential that the theories be analyzed to examine and evaluate their content.
    • Survey research, regardless of how it is conducted or whom it surveys, must often be interpreted with caution when analyzing the results.
    • As he himself said, MB itself would have wished the Judge had analysed the issues and explained himself more fully.
    • The academics secretly observed them in bars during evenings out, analysing their behaviour in detail for half an hour, then following their success afterwards.
    • All the authors analysed the data, interpreted the results, and drafted the manuscript.
    • Its value depends on the patterns which it creates and the way in which it is analysed and interpreted.
    • Richard Baehr is a math genius, who can analyze numbers and explain them better than anyone I know of.
    • Speck disagreed with my assessment of the dream and my theory that dreams are easily analyzed and interpreted.
    • We can now analyze this process by examining each stage in more detail.
    • Or, I've analysed the situation and explained it to my readers.
    • With all the visual trickery it offers, it doesn't really give you much opportunity to think and analyze it in such detail.
    • The 40 page catalog is densely packed with images spanning the artist's career while texts by Mark Alice Durant and Spaid poetically interpret and analyze the work.
    • In order to analyze controversy, we must formulate a more precise question, develop an experimental approach to collect and analyze data, then interpret the results.
    • It is important for us to keep our options open and to analyse the options in detail to see which is the best for York City.
    • These results can be explained by analyzing the mutant trajectories.
    • I think of it, instead, as trying to help them articulate their ideas, analyze the material, explain what they think.
    • This, he explains, would analyse our make-do-and-mend culture, our suspicion of the bravely new, our ingrained preference for the status quo.
    • In print (and on blogs and elsewhere) we should analyze the charges in detail and keep an accurate, truthful record of the entire episode.