Traducción de androgynous en Español:


andrógino, adj.

Pronunciación /ænˈdrɑdʒənəs//anˈdrɒdʒɪnəs/


  • 1

    (plant) andrógino
    (image/clothes) andrógino
    • It was confirmed that the gender of Casey was indeed male, despite his androgynous and ever-youthful appearance.
    • Aquarians are known for their androgynous physique and from certain angles she appears to have the body of a man with broad shoulders, strong biceps and narrow hips.
    • Because the publishing industry of the early and middle nineteenth century spurned female writers, Charlotte Bronte chose to work under the androgynous pseudonym Currier Bell.
    • A round-faced chef of indeterminate gender was very imperiously ordering around another androgynous person in a karate uniform, while some lady chopped carrots for no discernible reason.
    • The films featuring Marlene Dietrich add the paradox of the dazzling yet androgynous female who is simultaneously moral and amoral, eminently proper yet irredeemably decadent.
    • With the correct coaching, it may suit the Royal far better, although the standardisation of female ballet bodies trained mostly for androgynous athleticism has almost put the delicacies of the Bournonville style out of reach.
    • He suspects that younger men brought up with more androgynous gender roles will score lower in normative male alexithymia, while older men raised in more traditional ways will score higher.
    • A celebrity in his own right for his androgynous appearance and interesting personality, his works are defined by uniquely loose and symmetrical patterns.
    • Its dancers are fashionably androgynous in their costuming, and the richly textured music, played live by the Grupo Mahera, reflects the current Spanish concern for fusion of musical roots.
    • His photograph depicts an androgynous figure (perhaps the artist), eyes shut, wearing white pancake make-up and draped in the American flag.
    • Watch out for the odd appearance of Satan himself - slightly androgynous, bookish-looking and smooth-talking.
    • It is, after all, an environment in which genres featuring androgynous males have a long-standing tradition.
    • With her strong nose and thin, rangy frame, she's still androgynous, but her appearance, 30 years on, now has something of a ‘ragged glory’ aura.
    • Previous female superheroes have been masculine or androgynous cyphers played by a female leads in manga-like, sexless action sequences that reduce them almost to mindless puppets.