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angel cake



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    • I reached into my bag and took out a container with two pieces of angel food cake.
    • Now, my husband may not be able to bake an angel cake or waltz but he's not bad on cars, so when I decided to look around for another set of wheels, I asked him to come along for the ride.
    • She lives on angel food cake and she-crab soup, which she heats up on a little ring right there in her room.
    • Snacks such as angel food cake and gingersnap cookies can satisfy your sweet tooth without adding fat to your diet.
    • Matthew's favorite angel food cake gets turned into sweet croutons when tossed in butter and toasted in the oven.
    • I find it invaluable for things like angel food cakes and pancakes, so I can whip the egg whites in one mixer, while making the rest of the batter in the other.
    • If you're making your own pound cake, brownies or angel food cake for the chocolate fondue, get baking.
    • Popular sellers are angel cakes, yeast breads, fruit pies (do not sell cream pies which may spoil on standing), dried homemade noodles and homemade jams and jellies.
    • Right off, strawberries can be washed, sliced and sprinkled over green salads and tossed lightly with olive oil, scattered over pound or angel food cake or strewn atop a bowl of ice cream.
    • Puree mangoes in a food processor or blender and drizzle over rice pudding, angel food cake, sherbet or lowfat frozen yogurt.
    • Here, her subjects range from the aspirations of a little girl in Harlem to Bessie Smith's vocals, angel food cake and the goings on at the local shooting range.
    • Wrapped in a blanket, I sat in the glow of the computer screen, dog at my feet, and conjured up memories of water the color of heaven, sand the color of angel cake, and the distinctive fertilizer smell of the true coral cay.
    • You now eschew all animal products such as meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs and honey; that knocks even the angel food cake, which is 99 percent egg whites, right off your list.
    • But over time, eggs can lose their ability to fluff up an angel food cake or make mayo creamy.
    • This is a versatile recipe that can be doubled for company, or served between layers of sponge or angel cake.
    • Norton's best trick for the home cook is turning an inexpensive store-bought angel food cake into a masterpiece.
    • After dinner was done, mom took out some angel food cake and gave us all two pieces.
    • Not that this illusion was derived from my mother's life nor lived out in my own: my floors are not mopped nor my tables polished, I bake no angel food cakes.
    • Bett's brew is the best you ever tasted and she made a couple of big angel food cakes too.
    • Food experts, including M.E.N. critic Ray King, will bake an angel cake as part of a gourmet fundraising banquet at Manchester's Simply Heathcotes on October 5.