Traducción de angst en Español:


angustia, n.


Pronunciación /aŋst//ɑŋ(k)st/


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    angustia femenino
    • It involves a lack of motivation, a destruction of self belief, a general feeling of angst.
    • The sense of angst and melancholy conveyed by Lumley, with the aid of director Hugo Blick, is strangely appealing.
    • The audience is propelled into the existential angst of everyday living.
    • The summer that is now nearly officially behind us has been all about a kind of existential angst for me.
    • On the creative front: I'm asking myself about how and why one can derive creativity from angst or annoyance.
    • Many of the works that appear in the show depict the angst of the present generation.
    • If there is angst, it is a human condition rather than a disorder specific to the urban, displaced elite.
    • Is it just a deeper than normal journey into adolescent angst or a modern fairy tale?
    • Everything bounces along with a youthful joy, devoid of cynical teenage angst, full of hope and dare we say it slightly soppy.
    • Still, few could have predicted he'd fall this deep into a pit of lyrical self-pity and teen angst.
    • At the root of the crisis is a deep angst over the dire state of domestic and European economic affairs.
    • Teenage clubs would be formed in schools to tackle teenage angst and improve leadership qualities.
    • It is a sign of the times, of our tumultuous, dizzying culture of metaphysical angst.
    • Each of us have tremendous angst and shame and heartache about our eating disorders on the show.
    • It didn't seem so, and the approach of my 40th birthday induced a bout of full - blown midlife angst.
    • I think there is a human dilemma, human pain and angst, and that it is very universal.
    • Racism first manifests itself among the group as a form of verbal violence, an expression of general angst.
    • The twin evils of terrorism and teenage angst drove her to bulimia, a condition she tackled only a year back.
    • Through an occasional nocturnal trip to the gym, Matt Murdock finds a way to relieve some of his adolescent angst.
    • What makes these songs so potent is the unmistakable angst festering beneath each one.