Traducción de animal en Español:


animal, n.

Pronunciación /ˈænəməl//ˈanɪm(ə)l/


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    animal masculino
    man is a political/social animal el hombre es un animal político/social
    • to bring out the animal in sb despertar el instinto animal de algn
    • Many other animals have sense organs that can detect stimuli beyond the confines of the human senses.
    • The animals must also be fed an organic diet and be allowed to roam freely.
    • Most animals, birds and fish especially, don't have much worth saying.
    • Mosquitoes transmit a number of diseases to human beings and domestic animals.
    • Mines around agricultural areas have forced people into the forests to kill wild animals for food.
    • The veterinarian responds to wild animals in trouble, often because of contact with humans.
    • These animals are herbivores, specializing on the flowers of creosote bushes.
    • My instinctive response is that animals are not able either to reason or to explain how they feel about being owned.
    • This disease can be passed from animals to human beings.
    • There are all sorts of ways in which an animal can organise a response when faced with a particular situation.
    • Gamekeepers are legally able to kill animals such as foxes that feed on grouse, but they cannot disturb or kill protected species such as goshawks.
    • This is somewhat like trying to regularly feed wild animals; one can never be sure when or how much interaction will result.
    • No one believes that animals are in an equal position with human beings and animals are regarded as a source of food for humans.
    • They're also conduits of life, breeding grounds for small marine animals and feed areas for larger ones.
    • In fact, we are told that God originally created animals and human beings to be herbivorous.
    • Let's remind ourselves how BSE came about: because farmers fed animals to animals.
    • The examples discussed, which are myriad, cover a wide set of invertebrate and vertebrate animals.
    • Generally, more hypsodont animals tend to feed on grasses and live in open habitats.
    • This would seem to be the optimal size of giant predatory marine animals.
    • The artist also tried his luck with another subject, natural life prints, showing animals like birds, fish and cats.
    • They want to interact - to touch, pat and feed these wild animals almost as if they were pets.
    • Pets will also be able to chase away wild animals such as rabbits, gophers, and mice.
    • It was probably a bipedal animal, probably predatory, and probably the size of a large dog.
    • Although it is well known that many small animals can feed on large ones, such predator-prey interaction is rare.
    • When the carrier insect feeds on a warm-blooded animal, the eggs hatch and the larva penetrates the skin.
    • Anhydrobiosis is a state of suspended animation certain invertebrate animals enter in response to severe drought.
    • Rangers believe the attacks were not carried out by wild animals but by dogs specially trained to bring a deer down and savage its throat.
    • We rest the herd near camp on a large area of tundra where the animals can feed.
    • The phenomenon of helping in cooperative breeding animals has stimulated a great deal of research.
    • Often laboratories use the same room for both surgery and post-mortems which causes infection to both living animals and humans.
    • Thousands of wild and domestic animals have been killed in an attempt to control the disease.
    • A critical specialization in the locomotor spectrum for aquatic animals is buoyancy.
    • The female mosquitoes become the bloodsuckers, and they use their long proboscis to bite other animals and feed on their blood.
    • Evolution had the same idea when it came up with a nervous system that allowed animals to learn.
    • Predators use scent to locate their prey, and prey animals often alter their behavior in response to predation risk.
    • For example, some species may be attracted to human blood while others may feed only on the blood of wild or domestic animals.
    • The subjects of all the photographs he chose were animals: birds, dogs, horses and more unusual species.
    • Rabies affects the central nervous system of animals and causes behavioral changes.
    • His earliest memories are those of thick forests, wild animals and of the riveting images of virgin Nature.
    • I know the trees and the landscape and the habits of the wild animals I feed.
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    animal femenino
    bestia femenino
    • If Moniz, Jack's best friend and confidant, was begging and pleading with his best friend to slow down and stop driving like a mindless animal.
    • "He's just an animal," Schimeck, a defensive end, said. "He's one of the hardest kids I've ever had to tackle. He puts his shoulder down and he'll just run you over."
    • It still doesn't change the fact that vicious, remorseless murderers are disgusting animals that deserve to rot behind bars.
    • Your unthinking hatred of all things public and your disconnect with history and reality, doom you to the status of a mindless animal.
    • An AKC representative registered shock when she saw him - said she'd never seen such a repulsive animal.
    • He's just brute strength. You get him into the weight room and he's just an animal. You just walk by and you can sense how powerful he is.


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    (desires/needs) carnal
    (desires/needs) de la carne
    (behavior) propio de un animal
    • To emphasize the general untrustworthiness of boys she tries to shock me by pointing out their base animal instincts.
    • It may provide an alternative methodology aimed at replacing and reducing laboratory animal use and promote animal welfare.
    • Within the work, both dancers embody the raw passion of animal instinct and the mental anguish of knowing you are not being fulfilled.
    • Without rest and reflection animal instincts belie our spiritual growth.
    • Jellyfish belong to one of the oldest extant animal phyla, the Cnidaria.
    • Perhaps it comes from an instinctual animal urge to have a throne or a perch.
    • The marine Cycliophora is the most recently described phylum in the animal kingdom.
    • England under Eriksson are too composed for that, conscious of the need to control animal instincts.
    • Trading is the animal instincts part of the game, and almost a separate game in its own right.
    • Christopher crumples to the ground, groans, expressing emotions in a physical, almost animal way, that most of us are incapable of.
    • As metaphysical mirror images, Yalis remind us we have various animal instincts rolled into this human form.
    • I was brought up to believe my body is disgusting, bodily functions should not be spoken about, and sex is an animal instinct.
    • More recently, studies have begun to include mating decisions into an integrative optimality approach to animal behavior.
    • Can the legend be explained by animal instinct and natural intelligence alone, or did a true friendship develop between these two hunters of the sea?
    • He is also unable to deny his animal instincts: ‘a wolf can change his skin but never his nature’.
    • Unfortunately, it seems to fly in the face of our animal instincts.
    • Other eusocial animal groups defend themselves with stingers, mandibles, and sharp teeth.
    • Teams of police and wildlife agents are training to shut down markets and curbside animal vendors.
    • The initial lining is made of fine grasses and bark, and then a second lining of feathers, wool, or other animal hair is added.
    • Nematodes make up the second most diverse animal phylum, second only to the arthropods.
    • Except for two small species of bats, there are no native mammals here to prey on or compete with introduced animal pests.
    • In its best sense it expresses an animal instinct of self-preservation.
    • The specific process of apoptosis first appeared with the evolution of metazoan animals and has been well conserved in all animal phyla.
    • Deep down inside they remain students with needs, wants and animal instincts.
    • Since Aesop mined the animal kingdom for characters, it was only natural that he incorporated plenty of birds in his fables.
    • Brian felt it the moment he entered the city limits - a sudden primeval chill, an instinctive animal watchfulness.
    • These masks combine avian and marine animal characteristics with the tusks and horns of land animals.
    • There are three separable conceptions of the extent of the period of the diversification of the animal phyla.
    • Perhaps it was the heat, the lack of dinner in my belly, or some deep animal instinct, but I suddenly felt the urge to tip my head back and howl like a mournful dog.
    • The meaning of human life would be reduced to the physical, base animal instincts, trapped within the contours of the body.
    • Some were from breeders or animal shelters; others were pets that showed an alerting ability.
    • In doing the Test Your Pet home tests, you're dabbling in the study of animal behaviour.
    • The sinuous, almost animal physicality which Lewis brings to her acting roles surfaces in a much more volcanic way when she picks up a mic.
    • He made his millions with his animal instinct in the ring.
    • All eusocial animal groups exhibit some form of division of labor.
    • But no studies have proven that a change in diet works for animal behavioral problems, he said.
    • Always a fast walker, he had an animal energy, was physically strong and, although short, always filled a room.
    • A central question of animal behavior is, how big will a group be?
    • Arthropods, chordates and annelids are the three segmented phyla in the animal kingdom.
    • In many animal species males advertise their quality with secondary sexual characteristics.