Traducción de animal rights en Español:

animal rights

derechos de los animales, n.

sustantivo plural

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    derechos de los animales masculino
    • It is high time that the courts started taking the side of animal rights activists in such cases.
    • Charges of cruelty and animal exploitation may also be pressed, animal rights activists said.
    • Plans for a cull are dropped after protests one councillor is threatened by animal rights activists.
    • The campaign for animal rights reflects a growing pessimism about the human condition.
    • They also need to at least discuss contingency plans on how to deal with animal rights activists.
    • Violence is wrong whether committed by animal rights activists or their opponents.
    • Most animal rights activists will not put animals first but there are a lot who will.
    • Limiting the rights of animal rights protesters is the wrong way to build the Oxford lab.
    • The issue of Pig factory farming is going to be the biggest animal rights issue this country has seen.
    • Security at Manchester Airport has been stepped up to tackle a new campaign by animal rights campaigners.
    • She is an outspoken defender of hunting in Great Britain and has incurred the wrath of animal rights activists.
    • Pet store owners fear that animal rights activists will try to use the law in situations such as this to push their agenda.
    • Francione also attacks animal rights activists who are vegetarians but not vegans.
    • In 1997 the issue of animals at the lab was taken up by animal rights activists.
    • But animal rights activists say the march will be dominated by those opposed to a ban on fox hunting.
    • The blurring of the distinction between animals and humans is central to the debate about animal rights.
    • What are you saying about animal rights activists who break the law?
    • The British public does not, on the whole, support the tactics of a small band of animal rights extremists.
    • As animal rights activists are happy to point out, all that money and all of those dead animals have yet to produce a cure.
    • They outlined their position in opposition to the actions of animal rights activists.