Traducción de ankle sock en Español:

ankle sock

calcetín corto, n.


  • 1

    calcetín corto masculino
    soquete masculino Cono Sur
    • Although being around for quite some time, the ankle socks, also known as bobby socks, have not received the acknowledgment accorded to other fads that keep the fashion-conscious aware of things.
    • What's your take on low-cut ankle socks, and what do you think is the most fashionable length for socks when you're playing golf in shorts?
    • I am dressed in the hated green skirt, black pullover, lumpy shoes, and ankle socks.
    • I braided my hair in pig tails and wore Mary Janes on my feet with white ankle socks folded neatly at the top.
    • She was wearing shredded short overalls, sneakers, ankle socks and a sleeveless spaghetti strap tight top, over a black top.
    • Even her sock drawer was neat, all the way down to tights going in one place, knee socks in another, and ankle socks in yet another.
    • Sarah then grabbed a pair of black sneakers and slipped them on over her ankle socks.
    • She wore white ankle socks and shuffled her feet uneasily into the off white carpeting, pushing herself up with her hands.
    • I loved it, especially when worn with high heeled gold sandals, but the effect of course was utterly ruined by those white ankle socks peeping out from under it.
    • Then she pulled a pair of ankle socks on and slid her feet into her tennis shoes.
    • The boy had on black slacks and a black silk shirt, he was wearing designer shoes, black of course; and a pair of black ankle socks that came above his shoe line.
    • Lain nodded and walked down the stairs clad in only her low cut ankle socks.
    • Mismatched ankle socks are just the beginning of Jessie's own sense of style.
    • Samara looked just like any other girl in school except for her ankle socks (others had knee-length socks).
    • The mention of frilly ankle socks also made Max ask me who this Henry is, because we all know how my son feels about frilly ankle socks.
    • Pulling on white ankle socks and her favorite pair of shoes, she picked up her backpack and went downstairs.
    • One black ankle sock and one blue one were expeditiously pulled onto my feet while I hopped on one foot.
    • They'd stand at the gate handing out detentions to the kids who set foot in the school grounds with the wrong brand of white ankle socks.
    • They were even dressed the same: white waterproof jackets, white school blouses, short black skirts, white ankle socks and black school shoes.
    • She also had a pair of white ankle socks and tennis shoes on.