Traducción de annoyance en Español:


irritación, n.

Pronunciación /əˈnɔɪəns//əˈnɔɪəns/


  • 1

    (irritation) irritación femenino
    (irritation) fastidio masculino
    (anger) enojo masculino América Latina
    (anger) enfado masculino España
    to cause annoyance to sb irritar a algn
    • to our great annoyance or much to our annoyance they didn't turn up no aparecieron, lo cual nos dio mucha rabia
    • Many people present expressed their annoyance at disruptions caused by street traders.
    • Looking around, she saw to her annoyance and anger that Kathryn had placed her between Claudia and Matthew.
    • Anger and annoyance at her came to me, as she just stood there, as if she had done nothing.
    • It appears that I'm not alone in my annoyance at not being able to vote in Trinidad.
    • He started to walk away in annoyance at being ignored when Tara struck back.
    • His usual good humored expression had dissolved into one of annoyance and displeasure.
    • He also had a distinct air of annoyance at being given such a useless job.
    • A number of students have expressed their annoyance at receiving the letter.
    • He could feel his cheeks becoming the slightest shade of pink from anger and annoyance.
    • When he did talk it was a gentle, whispered tone, no aggression or annoyance.
    • There is an instant change from mild anger and heavy annoyance to startled astonishment and disbelief.
    • Congress Ticket holders have expressed their annoyance at the new charges.
    • She keeps interrupting to express her annoyance at how unrealistic and ridiculous the rules are.
    • Skylar narrowed his eyes in annoyance at the other teen's abrupt behaviour.
    • I certainly understood her dislike of her classmates and her annoyance at their naivety.
    • Max burned with annoyance at the use of her real name, and with anger at the remark itself.
    • Fidgeting in annoyance at his guest, David couldn't help himself when he spoke up in an aggravated tone.
    • He expressed his annoyance at the council having to employ a consultant from Britain to advise them.
    • I saw her shock, then shock turned into annoyance, and annoyance turned into anger.
    • I caught a look in his eyes as he glanced at me that was somewhere between annoyance and anger.
  • 2

    (cause of irritation)
    molestia femenino
    fastidio masculino
    • Whether it's tailgaters or cell phone talkers, life is filled with little annoyances which can add up to big headaches.
    • It's up to you to not let minor annoyances become all-encompassing drama.
    • What's really going on here is more than annoyances over a missed transfer or frazzled nerves over an abrupt stop during rush hour.
    • I complain to God, or whoever else will listen, about the annoyances, the difficulties, the strains.
    • Minor annoyances won't bother you so much because you're focused on the big picture.
    • She's also noticed that she functions better under stress and is less likely to get caught up in the little annoyances.
    • This tribe, picked by the female first grade teacher, was excellent - save for a few minor annoyances.
    • Further annoyances included his twitchy foot which he kept pounding excitedly against the floor next to my foot, and occasionally on top of it.
    • One of the many pettifogging annoyances of being a chap is the complete inability to explain how one would like one's hair cut.
    • What other city has so many amenities, yet so little of the annoyances that make bigger cities maddening?
    • Every aspect of its design is so accomplished and smoothly ergonomic that you barely notice the car is there, and drive with an enjoyment unencumbered by quirks or annoyances.
    • The book contains more than fifty examples of innovative solutions or approaches to problems or annoyances that impact our lives.
    • Smaller annoyances included hanging doors the wrong way and putting light switches in the wrong place.
    • Staff leaving straight after a training programme, nonsense faxes and cold calls from energy companies are the top three annoyances for small business in Bolton.
    • Despite the many problems and annoyances, there were some bright spots to CMW, and these mostly came in the form of the performers.
    • It's telling that car alarms have become mere annoyances rather than effective tools to prevent crime.
    • I also talked to Shawn about minor annoyances, and whether or not it was fair of me to be annoyed by them.
    • These visual flaws are mainly annoyances and only a real problem in Episode One.
    • Rising prices are annoyances, but have to be seen in perspective.
    • Blogspot has no pop-up ads or other annoyances currently.