Traducción de antagonist en Español:


antagonista, n.

Pronunciación /anˈtaɡ(ə)nɪst//ænˈtæɡənəst/


  • 1

    antagonista masculino
    contrincante femenino
    • Most of these countries, of course, are traditional adversaries or antagonists.
    • Meanwhile, their antagonists, soldiers, are ordinary people on ordinary pay, fighting - a thing that isn't attractive or tidy.
    • The stakes of nuclear war engage not just the survival of the antagonists, but the fate of mankind.
    • As ultimate commander of the military, he must now move decisively and evenhandedly to disarm the antagonists.
    • In addition, Taoists sometimes saw in Buddhism an antagonist and competitor rather than a colleague.
    • When he'd regained equilibrium, he whirled around to confront his antagonist.
    • I don't know what I expected to hear or learn but I know what I did not expect was that it be turned into a party political broadcast on behalf of the main antagonists in the upcoming general election.
    • About 4 000 French and 1 200 West African peacekeepers are patrolling the no man's land between the antagonists.
    • But, as fate would have it, Darcy was called home early, and the two old antagonists once more confronted each other.
    • It's hard to have a really menacing antagonist when the antagonist isn't ever really sure what it is he's trying to accomplish.
    • Protagonists generally have needs, desires, goals, aversions and fears, and their efforts to achieve their goals are generally complicated or thwarted by an antagonist, who may be hostile to the protagonist.
    • It is critical that even as we unveil the motivation of opponents and antagonists, we are careful not to inadvertently help them in their effort to disrupt our work.
    • Where established governments proscribe popular vengeance in favor of legal prosecution, these revolutions liberated armed antagonists from judicial constraints.
    • It also means that copyright gives no one the exclusive right to tell stories about archaeologists in search of artifacts hidden in snake-infested caves while simultaneously confronting dangerous human antagonists.
    • So the long and twisting battle begins, with numerous front-lawn confrontations between the two antagonists.
    • They wander off on their own, they blow up a poacher's shack for no apparent reason, and they attempt to confront their wily antagonists head on.
    • Strikingly, however, mainstream political antagonists, and even some radical dissenters, embraced clashing versions of the egalitarian tradition.
    • Thus, when the culture wars began in the late 1960s, the antagonists of a traditional curriculum were pushing against an open door.
    • After breaking through my emotional blocks, I was ready to confront the antagonists in my life who contributed to my problem.
    • And more significantly, political and technical help has to be given in abundance for peaceful negotiations with the antagonists.