Traducción de antagonize en Español:


fastidiar, v.

Pronunciación /anˈtaɡ(ə)nʌɪz//ænˈtæɡəˌnaɪz/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (irritate) fastidiar
    (irritate) hacer enojar a América Latina
    (irritate) hacer enfadar a España
    (make hostile) suscitar el antagonismo de
    (make hostile) antagonizar
    he only does it to antagonize me lo hace solo para fastidiarme
    • she antagonized all the other committee members suscitó el antagonismo de / antagonizó a todos los demás miembros de la comisión
    • The civil-service strikers may indeed draw attention to their employment conditions, but only at the expense of antagonising the people they are supposed to serve because they are extremely unlikely to change the government's plans.
    • I absolve him - though I would not do the same for all his cabinet colleagues - of a desire not to antagonise the voters to whom the Conservative advertisement was meant to appeal.
    • I personally don't think we should be given more powers because it would just antagonise people.
    • It is spending astronomical amounts of money, alienating allies and further antagonizing opponents.
    • We didn't go out of our way to antagonise him, indeed we tried to avoid all contact.
    • No matter how hard he tries, you can't help but feel that he secretly enjoys antagonising his readers.
    • I fully admit I have gone out of my way on more than one occasion to needle and to antagonize him.
    • She antagonised her civil servants, infuriated her leaders, insulted colleagues.
    • The other two cats aren't openly hostile to her, but they seem to want to antagonize her.
    • Councils in Bolton and Manchester have also recently come under fire with calls from politicians to get a grip of wardens whose hard-line approach is antagonising motorists and driving shoppers out of the towns.
    • He was less aggressive today but we played against a team that also wanted just to play football and not antagonise him.
    • Such high-level favoritism risks further antagonizing citizens who are fed up with officials helping themselves to public funds.
    • He tried antagonising me and being patronising and condescending but he didn't intimidate me.
    • He liked his neighbour and didn't want to antagonize him.
    • Till then, find someone else you like reading, and stop reading my blog if it antagonizes you.
    • After all, it's a tiny place that earns a substantial part of its living by hosting the enormous EU bureaucracy so it's not the kind of country that stands to benefit from antagonising anybody.
    • She should be able to have fun and do what she wants and not have people antagonising her.
    • But he quickly antagonises local people who want the land to be owned and used for the community's benefit.
    • The biggest drawback to this plan is that it will antagonize opponents of outsourcing.
    • Why go out of the way to offend and antagonize religious people?