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Pronunciación /ˈæn(t)i//ˈanti/

nombrePlural antes

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    the ante la apuesta inicial
    • Whether it's at the world series, or at your regular school with friends and 50p antes, you have to read your fellow players, but they, in turn, know they're being analysed.
    • They set out to accumulate a lot of chips, but this is pointless as the increase in chips in this situation is of trivial value as the blinds and antes go up.
    • So, for a five player game, the maximum initial stake would be 5 times the ante.
    • These antes are compulsory and are known as ‘the blinds’ because players have to bet without having seen any cards yet.
    • These antes that are paid for dealt cards go to the king's pot, which is placed near the king's hand.
    • As in poker, the ante (the bets) goes in before the deal starts.
    • But overly tight players lose money too because their playing style prevents them from overcoming the antes and blind bets.
    • And now comes the grand finale, the ‘Main Event,’ where as many as 6,600 poker players will ante up more than $60 million of their own money.
    • Most were not dealt enough of these premium holdings before the antes ate away their chip stacks and their chances.
    • Before the game, each player contributes a large ante to the pot.
    • At the beginning of each hand, players each contribute an agreed number of chips as an ante.
    • This is where the antes and blinds are high and where most people just sit back and wait for others to be eliminated in hopes they can make the money.
    • The player holding Pamfíll (the Jack of Clubs) collects the ante placed in that pool.
    • Everyone places an ante of the chosen amount into the center of the table.
    • In Caribbean Poker you place an ante, receive a hand, and then decide whether or not you would like to bet.
    • At the start of each hand, Jane would put out a blue chip and the dealer, while collecting the antes, would take it and give her a 50 cent piece in return.
    • After the ante, players are dealt seven cards face down, no-peek.
    • For the next hand, if the pot was collected, because all except one player folded, there is a new ante by all the players.
    • Chip leaders should pound away and continue to pick up blinds and antes.
    • At your turn you choose how much to bet - you must bet at least the amount of the ante, and may bet anything up to the entire pot - and you place your stake next to the pot.
    • Every game has an ante with side bets being the accepted norm.

verbo intransitivoanteing, anted, antes

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    poner el dinero de la apuesta inicial