Traducción de antenatal en Español:


prenatal, adj.

Pronunciación /antɪˈneɪt(ə)l//ˌæn(t)iˈneɪdl/


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    • Once a woman knows or suspects she is pregnant, she can make an appointment with her GP to discuss antenatal care and tests.
    • Most antenatal screening is carried out in early pregnancy.
    • Some antenatal tests are routinely offered to all women and others are offered only to certain women because of their age and medical or family history.
    • It is presented to expectant women through hospital scan units and antenatal clinics.
    • For £250, she provides two antenatal home visits, attendance throughout the birth and a postnatal home visit.
    • Much of the outpatient antenatal and postnatal services would stay as they were, she added.
    • The research data tend to be formulated from actuarial models and short trials in pregnant women attending antenatal clinics.
    • The document states that the hospital's maternity unit catered for the birth and antenatal care of 100 babies last year, compared with 270 born at Chippenham.
    • She deserved antenatal care, a decent transport system all those things we take for granted in this part of the world.
    • She was especially fortunate, she said, to have the same midwife not only for her antenatal and post-natal examinations and check-ups but also for the birth.
    • I chose to return to England in the 30th week of my pregnancy, lodging with a friend and attending antenatal classes.
    • Pregnant women should attend regular antenatal appointments so that any problems with the pregnancy are picked up.
    • The principal purpose of antenatal screening programmes is to identify diseases and then to give the parents the option of termination of pregnancy in the event of an affected fetus.
    • Public patients receive antenatal care and birth care at public hospitals, and care is provided by rostered midwives, residents, registrars, and staff obstetricians.
    • It is really important to attend all your antenatal appointments, and to report any bleeding, pain or changes in your baby's activity.
    • As the timing of eclampsia is unpredictable, drills took place on the labour ward, antenatal and post natal wards, and in the emergency department.
    • Integrating a simple infection screening programme into routine antenatal care can reduce the rate of preterm births by 50%
    • It is probable that dietary recommendations in antenatal clinics occur too late to have detectable effects in the perinatal period.
    • For example, in much of rural Africa, pregnant women present late to antenatal care and may be anaemic and undernourished.
    • If you feel unsure about being at the birth, attending antenatal classes will help prepare you and give you confidence to know there's a place for you at the birth.