Traducción de antiaircraft en Español:


antiaéreo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌæn(t)iˈɛrˌkræft//ˌænˌtaɪˈɛrˌkræft//ˌantɪˈɛːkrɑːft/


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    • We hear the boom of cannons in the distance and occasionally the rattle of anti-aircraft guns during air raids.
    • Nearly 800 anti-aircraft guns were moved to the coast and 1,000 barrage balloons were erected.
    • They also worked in mixed batteries on anti-aircraft guns, but were not officially allowed to fire them.
    • He said recent air strikes had focused on air defence command and control centres, anti-aircraft guns and missile sites.
    • Spades, picks, anti-tank rockets, anti-aircraft guns and explosives are being used, he said.
    • The crunch came in 1991, when the local army commander informed him an anti-aircraft gun would be installed on the roof of his house.
    • The Allies had nothing with which to counter this terrifying new technology, which flew too low and too fast for anti-aircraft guns.
    • Only her anti-aircraft guns are still attached to the hull.
    • A. My father was 15 when they drafted him in 1945 to man anti-aircraft guns.
    • On our bombing run with the bomb doors open we could hear the shrapnel from the anti-aircraft guns pinging on our bomb casings.
    • Taliban soldiers fought back with anti-aircraft guns after several days of holding their fire.
    • Anti-armour and anti-aircraft missiles may still be operated by the artillery, as well as by other arms and services.
    • During this period Littlewood improved methods for calculating trajectories of anti-aircraft missiles.
    • A moment later, small explosions appeared in the sky as anti-aircraft guns opened up on the raiding force.
    • They manned anti-aircraft guns and filled noncombatant roles.
    • It showed an anti-aircraft missile unit firing at an allied warplane.
    • But it is believed the arms haul includes anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles.
    • The invention of fighter planes was followed with the creation of anti-aircraft guns.
    • Then he helped direct defensive aircraft away from anti-aircraft artillery fire.
    • The most interesting features are towards the stern, where you'll find a 12 lb anti-aircraft gun on either side of the ship.