Traducción de antimagnetic en Español:


antimagnético, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌænˌtaɪˌmæɡˈnɛdɪk//ˌæn(t)imæɡˈnɛdɪk/


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    • More corrosion resistant than anti-magnetic stainless steel, but less resistant than SPI Gold Plated tweezers especially for osmium tetroxide vapors.
    • The newest plier-tweezer innovation in the industry combines plier handles with antiacid, antimagnetic stainless steel tweezer tips.
    • They brought out the world's first antimagnetic watch.
    • She's got an anti-magnetic hull and can use hydro jets instead of engines so there won't be any signatures.
    • Antimagnetic models are also available.
    • At the time of its launch, this was the first self-winding, antimagnetic, shock- and water-resistant watch in the world.
    • Most modern watches are inherently somewhat anti-magnetic.
    • Every watch features an important technical detail which is not visible at first sight but has a major influence on its accuracy under harsh conditions - the anti-magnetic cage.
    • To me it's all about interleaved road wheels, anti-magnetic mine paste, and liquid-fuel rockets.
    • Say, does this ship have an anti-magnetic coating?