Traducción de antiroll bar en Español:

antiroll bar

barra antivuelco, n.

Pronunciación /ˌæn(t)iˈroʊl ˌbɑr//ˌænˌtaɪˈroʊl ˌbɑr/


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    barra antivuelco femenino
    • The front springs have been stiffened by 10 per cent, the diameter of the front anti-roll bar has been increased, the front subframe strengthened considerably, and the damper settings have been altered to suit.
    • Always get the factory tow package with your SUV, which should include a class 3 or higher receiver hitch, an external automatic transmission cooler, anti-roll bars or anti-sway bars and a wiring harness.
    • The team had stiffened the rear anti-roll bar and softened the front suspension prior to the race, and the car was better than it had been all weekend.
    • Indeed, active anti-roll bars have been outlawed.
    • We use them to set the balance - in most cases to moderate understeer - without having to resort to anti-roll bars.
    • Another approach is variable-rate anti-roll bars, which can respond quickly enough to offer active roll control.
    • Up front sit all-steel double wishbones, coil-over dampers, and an anti-roll bar.
    • Attached to this extremely strong yet lightweight framework is a front and rear double-wishbone suspension, with adjustable springs, anti-roll bars and four-way shock absorbers.
    • You can control suspension height and stiffness, anti-roll bar and the obligatory downforce and gear ratios.
    • This real-time damping ability alters the relationship between ride and handling by allowing the use of softer springs and smaller anti-roll bars without adversely affecting body motion and wheel control.
    • These include new damper control settings, revised front suspension spring rates, and front and rear anti-roll bar rates.
    • Everything is flexible in the game: suspension, tyre pressure, anti-roll bars, shocks, springs, gear ratios, even the amount of diesel to load in the truck, for maximum enjoyment.
    • The lower ride height, larger anti-roll bars and wider rubber deliver an even more racecar-like feel to the car in the turns, with even less roll.
    • ‘We've fitted a new exhaust system, suspension, road wheels, anti-roll bars, ventilated brakes and other goodies, with more to come,’ he said.
    • The revised suspension (thicker anti-roll bars amongst other tweaks) has made the ride firmer, but not so much it jars.
    • All use the same anti-roll bar and spring rates.
    • There's also a fatter rear anti-roll bar, and a strut brace between the suspension towers to tighten up the front end.
    • There's no noticeable roll despite the lack of anti-roll bars and mid-corner bumps don't unsettle its composure.
    • The suspension is independent strut/coil springs in front, and a torsion beam in back with an anti-roll bar at each end.
    • A ball-jointed anti-roll bar, whose bushings are always under tension in order to maintain contact with the anti-roll bar and improve the response of the new rack and pinion steering system, completes the set.